How to get rid of head lice fast?

Let’s face it, having head lice is horrible enough. So, how do you get rid of head lice fast and safe? Well, there are two ways in which you can kill those little bugs: using special head lice treatments such as shampoos or gels from any drugstore or naturally.

How to get rid of head lice naturally?

There are many reasons why parents or yourself might want to have a natural treatment for ridding lice. Some chemicals in the head lice products on the market are pretty nasty. Many people may develop eyes irritation or scalp redness. Another common reason is that head lice are pretty smart and start to develop resistence to common used products in the over the counter. So, actually, you may find yourself wasting time and money on such products, only to the louses to live well enough.

Nit combing r wet combing is the most common form of naturally removing head lice. It is the most difficut and painfull, as well. I worn you, especially if you have a small child to deal with. The way to go around is to wet your hair or child hair, and put plenty of conditioner or baby oil. I believe conditioner is better as it is easier to wash afterwards, is less sticky and, more importantly, it traps the live lice so it is easier to comb them out.

Mind you, it is very difficut to remove the eggs and nits with wet combing, so you will have to repeat this dreadful exercise every two days for few weeks untill no more eggs hatch. Pretty miserable experince, by the way, especially if you have caught some lice as well and have to comb yourself.

Other popular methods for getting rid of head lice at home are using baby oil or any kind of vegetable oil, think olive oil, at least you nourish the hair. Listerine is also a popular way to rid them. The idea is to suffocate the head lice. When I was kid my mom used to simply put gas in my hair fr half an hour, yet seems that head lice is pretty resistant to it nowadays. You may have to repeat the process in seven days time, though, as some egges may remain alive and hatch later on.

Best Head Lice Products Treatments

Ok, so which is the best head lice treatment on the market? Most of us want easy and quick solution to this pesty problem. Sincethe lice can develop resistence, especially when more parents use the same treatment in the area, best is to ask your pharmacist about which ones work in your area. Otherwise, you may need to visit your doctor and give you a prescription treatment which more likely will work.