How to get rid of lice

Lice are very irritating and can cause you great discomfort thus causing many people to look for ways on how to get rid of lice. They cause your scalp to itch endlessly and they are known in some cases to cause diseases such as typhus and trench fever though it is a very rare occurrence. Lice affect people of all ages from children to adults but are very common in girls compared to boys. One of the major indications that you have lice is an itchy scalp and lots of scratching. These bugs do not only affect the scalp but also the eyebrows. They are mainly found in furniture, beddings and clothing especially head wear.

How to get rid of lice

If you suspect that you have lice in your head, you need not worry anymore about how to get rid of lice as there are various ways that you can use to get rid of lice. There are natural ways that one can adopt and also other ways. It is important to have an idea of 3 or more ways of getting rid of lice as this will be helpful in case you are infested with lice.

Natural ways on how to get rid of lice

One of the ways you can use to kill the lice is using mayonnaise. Mayonnaise smothers the lice and its eggs thus preventing further development of the bugs. Take a handful of mayonnaise and apply it on your scalp and leave for about two hours after which you wash your head thoroughly. Another way is to saturate your head with Vaseline. This suffocates the lice and its eggs thus killing the lice.

You may think that combing hair is just to ensure you look neat. This is not the only reason to comb your hair. Combing hair is one way of how to get rid of lice from your hair. This method is effective as it removes the lice’s eggs from your hair and scalp. It is advisable to use a nit comb in this case.

Lice are known to inhabit combs and other clothing items. It is important that you ensure every clothing item you have is clean especially towels and head gears. Also, clean your combs regularly.

Other methods on how to get rid of lice

It is good to clean your hair regularly using shampoo. If you have lice you can use shampoo that has ingredients that can get rid of lice. Also, you can use lice spray to kill lice. This is mainly used on clothing and other items that can act as good breeding areas for lice. Another way is to always ensure that your surroundings; mostly your home is clean. Clean your carpet and other items regularly.

Alcohol is an effective disinfectant thus you should dip items such as brushes and combs in it. This will ensure that the lice and its eggs are killed thus you will have clean items free from lice.

The above are ways on how to get rid of lice and using any of the above will greatly help. However, you should take notice that when you are using any particular method to get rid of lice you do not alternate it but rather stick to one particular method. Lastly, do not use pesticides to kill lice.