How to get rid of mole

Getting rid of moles

Mole is a common skin problem. Some moles are ugly and bear the signs of ageing whereas some of the moles are treated as ‘beauty spots’ especially those that are on the facial areas. When moles appear as unwanted dark spots it is no longer flattering but an object expressing stress or depression. Moles can be of different colors like black, brown, pink among which black is the commonest. The colors of moles vary due to the varied quantity of melanin in them. In reality pigmented cells lead to moles. One can have more than one mole in his body and medically one single mole is termed as ‘nevus’ and several moles are named ‘nevi’. Moles can be removed by different mechanism. Apart from natural techniques there are some medical procedures of getting rid of moles. They are as follows:

Moles can be eliminated by surgery where a surgeon operates on your affected skin and takes away the scalpel. But it is not fully risk-free as it can give birth to scars on your skin in later period. This is also a painful method though painkillers may be prescribed by the surgeon.

Laser surgery is another alternative process that causes less pain and has least chances of scarring. In this surgery the mole tissues are removed by using a special laser.

Cryosurgery is another method of destroying moles. The surgeon here involves liquid nitrogen to remove the tissue.

Some natural techniques that can be done at home to get rid of moles :

  • Apply sour apple juice on spotted areas three times a day. Continue this method for three weeks at a stretch. This can be proved very effective if followed sincerely and properly. After three weeks you will notice the moles have almost vanished.
  • Use water to soak the moles for about 15 minutes and keep it dry. Then apply vinegar or apple cider vinegar on it for another 15 minutes to make it dry after washing it off with water. You can continue this for few days and ultimately feel the difference.
  • Honey is a natural product that can be useful in removing moles if applied on the moles a number of times in a day for getting positive result. If mixed with flaxseed powder it makes a paste that should be used thrice a day to remove moles more quickly.
  • Tea-tree oil is also beneficial for mole-affected skin. You can use it on the moles for a couple of days to have effective progress.
  • Fruit juices like pineapple juice or grapefruit juice can be applied on the spots thrice a day for the same benefit.
  • Mix some baking soda with castor oil and apply the paste by a cotton ball on your moles. Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Keep on doing this for several days and improvement will be seen after weeks.
  • Another useful treatment is to cut the roots of dandelion tree and rub it properly on the affected skin until the juice from the root covers the moles completely. Try it twice a day for a few weeks to get back the spotless beauty of your skin.
  • One of best known remedies to get rid of moles is to apply onion juice on your moles just once a day and continue it for 7 to 8 weeks. After using this technique the moles will seem to fade out slowly.
  • Prepare a mixture of grinded drumstick pod with lemon extract.Use the paste continuously on your spotted moles on a daily basis and no trace of moles will be found on your skin after a certain time.
  • Use the milk-like sap extracted from the trunk of banyan tree on the undesired moles twice a day for a few weeks and you will get the best desired result.