How to get rid of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes – They will burst your good time bubble!

With the warm weather come the mosquitoes. Here are tips to get rid of mosquitoes or at least reduce them around your house outdoors.

Here are some mosquito repellant plants you can have around your house to keep the mosquitoes away:

The citronella, or mosquito plant, is a scented geranium related to the common garden geranium. The citronella plant will help to repel mosquitoes. That’s why you see citronella products such as candles and oil to repel mosquitoes – it works!

Agastache cana plant is useful in repelling mosquitoes, as well as Grey Santiolina and Horsemint.

Lemon grass will keep the mosquitoes away – keep some on your patio in a flower pot or near your front door.

Society garlic will also help in warding off mosquitoes, as well as catnip.

Rosemary is also very useful, it’s best to grow it in a pot for cooler climates, because it likes hot and dry climates. Blue and white ageratum is good as well along with marigolds. Mosquitoes don’t like the odor of marigolds.

Natural mosquito repellants for your skin:

– You can crush lemon thyme and rub it on your skin just as long as you’re not allergic to repel mosquitoes from your body.

– Bounce sheets from the dryer is good to repel mosquitoes – rub it onto your skin to keep bugs away.

– Wear white clothing to detract the bugs during the day and dark clothing at night.

– Use neem oil directly on your skin

– You can use tea tree oil mixed with a little olive oil on your skin to repel bugs; other essential oils include: citronella, eucalyptus, juniper, cedarwood, rose geranium, catnip and basil

– yarrow or tansy infused oil

– rub cedar leaves on your clothes and skin – mosquitoes don’t like the smell of cedar and it will ward them off