News How to get rid of running nose

How to get rid of running nose


In other words, a running nose is considered a nuisance and anyone with the condition is sure looking for ways on how to get rid of running nose. The condition can be caused due to an infection such as flu, influenza and sinusitis, irritation or even an allergic reaction. Other causes include eating spicy foods and using decongestants regularly. It is characterised with continuous flow of mucous as the mucous membrane secretes mucus uncontrollably. If not well handled, the condition can be embarrassing. There are various ways that you can use to get rid of running nose and this article is going to look at the different remedies available.

Natural ways on how to get rid of running nose

There are various ways that you can use to get rid of a running nose and knowing some of these methods come in handy. These methods include:

How to get rid of running nose

Conduct breathing exercises. This is an effective way of stopping a running nose though not many people know about it. In this method, breathe in and hold your breath before exhaling. Doing so lets carbon-dioxide accumulate in the blood vessels thus causes blood vessels to dilate. Dilation of these vessels lead to increased blood and oxygen supply thus lowering chances of a running nose.

How to get rid of running nose

Massaging your nose; the bridge of your nose, is also effective in getting rid of running nose. This is because when you massage your nose, it allows mucus to flow out easily thus thinning out letting you breathe more freely.

Ensure the air around you is humid rather than dry. Dry air tends to increase secretion of mucus as it irritates the nasal passage. Humid air thins your mucus thus reducing flow of mucus. To humidify the surrounding air, you can use a humidifier.

How to get rid of running nose

Fluids are very important for bodily functions thus you should consume lots of it. Fluids, mainly water, help to hydrate your body and thin your mucus making it easier to blow thus eases your breathing.

It is important that you know what causes your nose to run. If you realize it is caused by certain allergens, ensure that you keep away from the substances. This is effective in the long run.

How to get rid of running nose

Maintain a healthy diet. Eat lots of fruits as they provide nutrients that will help your body fight pathogens that are known to cause running nose.

It is important to exercise regularly as exercising acts as a natural decongestant thus will help reduce chances of you getting a running nose and also stopping running nose.

Other ways on how to get rid of running nose

How to get rid of running nose

You can use medication such as antihistamines to get rid of running rose. This medication helps prevent allergic reactions from occurring. In addition, you can use lozenges as they will help in unblocking your nostrils allowing for easy breathing.

If you are wondering how to get rid of running nose, you can use nasal sprays. They are very effective though one should use the sprays for a short period of time. A good example of such is Afrin.

The above is a brief on how to get rid of running nose and any method you choose is sure to work well.

How to get rid of running nose
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