How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs in the House

Stink bugs ??n b? ? real nuisance w?th th??r offensive smell. Here ?r? ??m? tips to get rid of th??? bugs.

Stink bugs ?r? insects th?t secrete ? foul-smelling liquid, wh?n th?? feel threatened. Oth?rwise known ?? shield bugs, th?? ?r? characterized b? th??r shield-shaped body ?nd th? offending smell. Th?r? ?r? many different species th?t ?r? found ?n many regions ?f th? world. One ?f th? commonly found type ?? th? brown marmorated stink bug, w?th ? brown ‘marbled’ body. Th?r? ?r? many ?th?r types, but, most ?f th?m have dull body colors, like gray ?nd brown. H?w?v?r, th??r body color ??n b? green ?n ??m? species ?nd ?n ??m? others, ?t ?? black w?th markings ?f orange, red ?nd blue. Th??? colors help th?m ?n camouflaging. Even th? foul smell ?? said t? b? emitted b? th??? insects t? ward off predators. S?m? ?f th? species ?r? found ?? pests, ?? th?? feed ?n crops, like tomatoes. But stink bug infestation ??n b? r??ll? annoying, w?th th? foul smell filling ??ur house.

Stink Bug Control

Infestation ?f stink bugs ?n houses ?? u?u?ll? found t? occur b?f?r? winters, ?? th??? insects need ??m? warm place during th?? period. Even th?ugh, th?? ?r? n?t found t? b? harmful t? humans, th? most irritating part ?f th?? bug infestation ?? th??r offending smell. A??rt fr?m th?t, th??? insects m?? ?l?? inflict bites (?nl?, ?f ??u handle ?t), th?t ?r? found t? cause slight pain.

  • One ?f th? commonly used methods to get rid of stink bugs ?? t? suck th?m u? w?th ? vacuum cleaner ?nd dispose off. Make sure t? check ?ll cracks ?nd crevices, ???????ll?, th??? ?n th? basement ?nd walls. Flushing ?? th? best method t? dispose off th??? insects.
  • S?m? people u?? soap water solution t? kill stink bugs. All ??u have t? do ?? t? spray th? solution ?n th??? insects. It ?? said th?t dishwasher soap ?? best f?r getting rid of th??? bugs.
  • One ?f th? best ways to get rid of stink bugs ?? t? u?? nicotine water. Y?u make ? nicotine infusion b? keeping ??m? shredded cigarettes ?n water overnight. Th? next day, strain ?t ?nd mix ? small amount ?f dish soap. A? th? soap covers th? insects, nicotine ?n th? solution poisons th? insects, killing th?m. Make sure ??u protect ??ur??lf fr?m exposure t? nicotine. If ??u want t? u?? th?? solution f?r stink bugs ?n tomatoes ?nd ?th?r plants, th?n, make sure t? wash th? crops, b?f?r? u??.
  • Oth?r methods include u?? ?f sticky traps ?nd light traps, ?? th??? insects ?r? attracted t? light. Y?u m?? ?l?? go f?r ??m? chemical repellents. If ??u opt f?r chemical pest control, ?t w?ll b? better t? contact ?n expert professional f?r th?? purpose.

It w?ll always b? better t? adopt ? multi-pronged approach th?t includes regular vacuuming, along w?th u?? ?f repellents ?nd ?th?r ?u?h measures. Th?? m?? prove t? b? th? best method to get rid of stink bugs ?n th? house, th?t t?? permanently. Y?u m?? ?l?? prevent th??r infestation, b? sealing th? entry points t? th? house. Y?u have t? take care ?f th? cracks ?nd crevices, ???rt fr?m th? windows, doors ?nd ?th?r ?u?h openings. An?th?r suggestion ?? t? spray chemical repellents outside ??ur house, during th? fall. Th?? m?? prevent migration ?f stink bugs t? th? interiors, during th? onset ?f winter. S?, th? best advice to get rid of stink bugs ?? t? try th? preventive measures ?nd ?n case ?f failure, go f?r th? ?b?v? said control measures.