How to get rid of termites

Get rid of termites

Termites are harmful pests that can spread its colony and abode from one place to other without one’s notice. Sometimes you get aware of them after 5 to 6 years of their existence at your place. Some of them prefer to breed in less moist places. Usually they invade the wooden surfaces of your house where they leave their dirty signs. They often eat through the wood and put holes on it. Wooden furniture, floor, roof, door or windows cannot escape the attack of nasty termites. Whatever comes into their way is sure to be destroyed if it is a wood material. So it is really important to trace these creatures in your house and take preventive measures to get rid of termites as soon as possible for avoiding the damage they can cause to your home.

Identify the Existence of Termites

Examine your house with thorough observation to find out termites. Some of them become more active in summer. Check below the doors, every corner of the walls or where the foundation meets the walls, any wooden stuffs or wooden furniture to spot them instantly. One more way to identify them is by the reddish brown or black droppings left behind by them. You can search them out through a torchlight in the darker places they often use to hide themselves. They are prone to damage the wood and therefore you can use a screwdriver to measure the strength of the wood in order to find out the signs of termites.

The commonest sign of termites is a mud looking stuff created by them on the wood.

How to Get Rid of Termites

If you can sense the existence of the termites and that your house is severely infested by them you must take some immediate steps to eliminate them forever. You can take the consultation and help from a professional pest killer or follow some home methods to kill them permanently.

Some of the remedies to get rid of termites are listed below:

Liquid Treatment

One of the effective and quicker ways to kill termites is to follow the liquid treatment. It involves spraying a kind of liquid pesticide around the suspected areas to make a barrier against these tiny creatures to repel them. Another liquid method that is not used as a barrier is to spray the pesticide directly to them to abolish them in a comparatively quicker way. But before applying both these techniques one should be careful enough so that the termites do not find gap between the barriers to escape.

Termite Bait

Another expensive and time consuming way is to use termite baits. These baits are used in the form of plastic stakes filled with pieces of wood. This wood attracts the termites and when they emerge to eat the wood they carry the poisonous pesticide applied on the wood with them to their colony, feed them and eventually are killed by it. The whole method puts an end to the entire colony.

Borate Termite Treatment

If your house is on the process of being built then you can opt for borate termite treatement. You can use borate on the wood structures and if termites eat the wood they will die. The borate will kill the protozoa present in the intestine of the termites and in turn the termites will be killed as well.

Apart from these above mentioned ways there are certain natural methods to prevent termites like:

  • Take out the stagnant water and do not let water accumulate around your place for long that encourages pests like termites.
  • Outside your house termites dwell in the moist areas.So make sure to avoid it in order to drive away termites.
  • Try to use weather sealer to your wood furniture that is exposed to moisture to prevent damp.
  • You should cut out the plants grown close to your house to avoid moisture staying on the walls.
  • Keep away saw dusts from the wooden structures of your house. Try to keep a well-maintained drainage system.