News How to get rid of writer’s block?

How to get rid of writer’s block?


How to get rid of writer’s block?

Are you suffering from the inevitable, but infamous curse of writer’s block? Got an essay or story you just can’t seem to finish? We’re all there at some point eventually, so here are a few tips about solving writer’s block.

  • Generating Sites. You can go to generating sites to help you come up with plots, characters, etc… Try
  • Read a novel somewhat similar to yours. While doing this imagine your characters doing what the characters in the novel are doing, and going through all the obstacles and challenges their going through. Doing so can give you a little taste of what or who your characters are in you mindset. This also gives you an opportunity to add more scenes to your story.
  • Look at an interesting picture or listen to a good song—you could turn that into a scene in your story or make a plot out of it. Some writers base some of their stories on a song they heard and portrait their main character as the person talked about in the song or turn that into a story line that they can save for later use. You can also look at pictures whether scary, romantic, weird, funny, or awkward. If it catches your eye, you can imagine a character in your story in a particular or similar type of scene.
  • Think of random items and words. The first random word(s) that pops out of your head may give you ideas—even if it sounds stupid and ridiculous. It could be as ridiculous as:

Diner, Baseball, Shower, Crush, Best friend, Heartbroken

Time, House Arrest Bracelet, Mall, Flowers, Death Note, Car
You never know, it might help you come up with scenarios for your story.

  • Plan your book out. If you haven’t done so already, that’s the problem. When you plan your books out you already have an idea of what’s going to happen next in your story so you’re never really stuck. You know which scenes are going to happen at certain times that you already pinpointed when planning out your story.
  • Plug the pieces in. There may be a part in your story that you’ve already planned and are really looking forward to, so maybe instead of just writing the plot and storyline you may need to skip to just writing it. Afterwards you may find that the words are coming and flowing a little bit easier. Then later when you feel as if you have enough information you can reconnect other parts that will lead to that event.
  • If all fails, maybe you need a breather. Maybe your mind is just too stressed to even think of writing. If you can afford to kill some time you should take a 30 minute nap, do some chores, go outside to get some fresh air, watch a little TV, have a few laughs with some friends, etc. Just relax for a while, and when you feel ready to get back to writing just repeat the process.
How to get rid of writer’s block?
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