How To Get Sexy Wavy Hair!

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Wavy hair is a hot trendy hairstyle for women which don’t look as though it will leave the fashion industry in the near future. Not only does it look sexy, it is easy and fast to do. We all know many hair stylists and women do not afford to waste too much of their time with a hairstyle that takes forever to accomplish.

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How can I get beach wavy hair?

It is certainly not hard to get beach wavy hair. Your hair can be limp and flat but with a styling product and some volumizing tonic, you could be on your way to having a sexier appeal to your peers and friends! Remember that beach wavy hair looks best on those who already have both natural beach waves and long straight hair. Let us read below and find out how beach wavy hair can be achieved.

The products that you will need are:

• Volumizing spray

• Hair dryer

• Hairspray

• Shine serum

• A barrel curling iron

• Straightening balm if your hair is naturally curly

Steps to follow when styling!

1) Wash your hair and spray volumizing spray on the roots of your hair and massage it gently.

2) Use your straightening balm if your hair is naturally curly and work through it.

3) Brush your hair to allow the volumizing spray to work evenly through your hair.

4) Blow-dry the hair starting from the roots to get extra volume. Remember that this style will work best when it is dry.

5) Hold your hair into three sections using a ponytail holder to aid you curling your hair through each section

6) Use a barrel curling iron to curl. Grab a section of hair and wrap your hair around the curling iron.

7) After every 5-10 seconds, make sure you release the curl. However, if you want to create tighter curls, just hold it longer than 10 seconds.

8) Roll your curls and then use bobby pins to place them close to the scalp. Rotate the direction of the curls as you continue working through each section.

9) Release the pins after they have cooled, remove the nozzle from the dryer and use cool air to keep your waves loose.

10) This choice is optional. You may wish to add shine to your curls. If you choose to do so, spray a hair serum onto your hair which can give you a perfect beach look.


There are some helpful step by step instructions to aid you in accomplishing your wavy hair style. Remember that the work is easy and the results can have an everlasting affect on your impression. You should even get a wink by someone on the street and have someone following behind!


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