How to Get Solar Power and Refrigeration for Pre Built Hunting Cabins

Now you can get solar power and refrigeration for your pre built hunting cabin for around $1000? You can buy a kit or purchase parts separately to power your place out in the boonies or at the lake. Hauling a cooler full of ice to the cabin helps keep food and drink cold for a little while. But then what? You either have to go for more ice or you have to do without. That’s not fun if you want to stay for a while. You don’t want to spend all of your time going for ice? Wouldn’t it be great if you had electrical power for refrigeration and other electrical devices? Getting power to a cabin out in the middle of nowhere that doesn’t get used much isn’t very practical. But solar power is a practical way to get electrical power to run dual voltage portable refrigeration, a dorm refrigerator, or small refrigerator and your mobile devices in your pre built hunting cabin.

Cheap Power

As oil prices rise, and coal mining destroys our land, solar power is becoming a more popular source of energy. Environmentalists say solar power can provide large amounts of clean energy for years to come. Until recently, it hasn’t been easy or cheap to use solar power. As the price of solar power has come down, it’s become more affordable for the average guy. To make it even easier, you can also find instructions for how to design and build a portable or fixed solar power system for your pre built hunting cabins.

The Parts

The major parts of a solar power system are a solar panel, an inverter, a battery bank, and a power point or connection. This parts list may vary some based on the type (fixed/portable) of power system you want to build. You can find most of the parts to build a solar power system at local home improvement stores for under $1000. You may have to check battery suppliers to find the battery or batteries for your system. Look online and you can also find solar power kits that might provide the electrical power you need for your cabin. Once you learn how to build a solar power system to, it becomes a matter of how much power you want to generate.

Sizing Information

To figure out the size of your solar power system, you need to take an inventory of how much energy you’ll be using. We used refrigeration in pre built hunting cabins as an example. The power requirements of your refrigeration unit and any other electrical devices you want to use are a starting point to figure out your power needs. I’ve included links below to websites that may help you size a solar power system to get solar power and refrigeration in pre built hunting cabins.

Sizing Your Solar Power System

Benefits of Solar Power for Pre Built Hunting Cabins

  • Makes the cabin comfortable longer
  • Cheap, renewable, energy to power multiple devices including refrigeration
  • Safer and cleaner than fires in a fireplace
  • Great return on investment

Once you get power to your cabin you can enjoy having a portable refrigerated cooler or even a small refrigerator in your cabin. That could also make it much easier to transport and store more food for longer periods of time. This would also be a win for people that need to keep medicine refrigerated. Solar power and refrigeration in a pre built hunting cabin for a $1000 or less, it don’t get much better than that.