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How to Get Started with Online Dating

Tips and advice to get you started and give you success with online dating

Dating online used to be looked at as something that losers or weirdo’s did because they did not have a chance in the real world to actually meet anyone who would want to spend any time talking with them.

I remember 6 or more years ago hearing people talking about others that were online looking for a date and basically laughing at the person they were gossiping about. I remember thinking how ignorant and closed minded these people were and also thinking I sure hoped they never found out I was on the same websites looking for a date for myself.

Online dating is definitely more widely accepted now as a great method in trying to find a suitable partner. There used to be just a handful of sites you could go to but now there are so many it is hard to figure out which ones will be worth your while spending time and energy on.

What a wonderful and time saving process if used properly to scour through possibly hundreds of profiles and weed out the ones you are not interested in until you find some you might be interested in meeting.

Online dating is definitely acceptable now it appears because you not only see ads for different sites on the internet but there are commercials on television for them. E-Harmony is a big one for TV commercials.

So what are the things you need to do to make sure you have success on these sites and when you eventually set up a meeting with someone?

Top 7 tips and advice for getting started with online dating

1. You have to remember that even though you are sitting on a computer your goal is to eventually meet an actual human. So don’t get caught in the trap of just sitting on the computer for hours on end never setting anything up.

You should give yourself a set amount of time to spend working on your profile setup and then updating and tweaking it once in a while and then time for scouring others profiles and sending and receiving e-mails. So number one is allocating a certain amount of time per day for online activities.

2. Now that you know how much time you are willing to spend online looking for a possible mate it is time to find a site that suits your needs. You want to find a site that has people registered that are living in your area.

Make sure you do a search first before signing up for your area and what you are looking for and see how many results you get. You will also want it to be a site that has people on it that are looking for the same thing as you whether it be love, friends, sports buddies or even fetishes. The sky is the limit these days. But let’s just focus on the love aspect of online dating.

Some of the top sites for people seeking a love interest include as mentioned earlier E-Harmony, Cupid, Lavalife, Plentyoffish, Match.com, Zoosk and there are so many more, even one called Fitness Singlesif fitness is what’s most important in your life.

One thing that might help you decide which site you want to use is the price you have to pay to get full access to the site. There are some free ones but to be honest if you want to get the experience you are looking for you will want to pay to have full access and benefits.

3. Setting up a profile that people will want to read and not just skip over. The last thing you want is to look like every other schmuck out there and not have anything different to offer.

Even though you might be the best catch going at the moment if you don’t use the right lure you won’t get any bites and no one will ever find out how great you are. You also don’t want to divulge too much about yourself on your profile.

You need to maintain some level of mysteriousness. When you fill out information about yourself don’t tell everything, actually don’t say much at all. Keep your info about yourself at a very high level and make sure it is fun and interesting stuff but keep it short.

When filling out the part about what you are looking for don’t be so specific about the person as much as the times you are looking to share with someone. If you are too specific about the actual person you will cut your numbers of finding someone down drastically.

Mention how you are looking for someone to go Bungee jumping with and then polish off a bottle of wine. You can mention physical features a bit but again be vague and make sure it is high level. Instead of saying the person must have toned legs say something like enjoys fitness. Believe me it will up your numbers in how many people you get to be in contact with and then at that point you can weed out the ones you are not interested in meeting.

4. Time for a picture for your profile. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is don’t lie. Don’t lie about anything in your profile because eventually you will be found out if you actually meet someone.

Not lying applies to your picture also. Don’t post a picture that is from 10 years ago or 40lbs lighter. Take some time picking out or taking a good picture of yourself. Find one where you are out somewhere having fun and smiling or laughing.

Do not look to serious or you will scare everyone. If you have to take a new one then find some clothes you have that are flattering and take a bunch of snaps until you find one you think is a keeper. Then post it. Make sure you are smiling. Now you can post your profile and wait for all of the e-mails to roll in.

5. Once your profile is posted what to do next? If you just sit and wait not much will happen unless you are female and have a smoking hot picture posted.

If you are male you are going to have to start pounding the pavement so to speak and start looking through profiles.

Start sending out e-mails to potential dates. Here is a great tip for you, do not sound needy and do not throw out any compliments on the first contact. It is okay to say you are interested but do not say oh baby you were made for me you are so beautiful I would take care of you forever and ever. What? Don’t laugh because some guys say stupid stuff like that.

You are going to look like a needy loser and sound just like everyone else on the sight. Be playful and even a bit cocky but don’t overdo it. You need to be confident, take charge and even a bit hard to get.

6. How long should e-mails and replies to e-mails take? Don’t be in such a hurry to respond to anyone. If someone e-mails you or replies to your e-mail and you respond within a few minutes then they are going to think you are a loser just sitting on the sight waiting for someone to talk to you.

Do what I said earlier and make sure to set a certain amount of time to be online doing this and once your time is up sign off and don’t go back on until the next day or even a couple days later. It doesn’t take much to come across as needy and believe me women will smell that out very quickly.

If someone replies to you today don’t return an e-mail for at least 24 hours. Show them that you have a life and that you are interesting. Even if they don’t know you they will still wonder what you have going on if you don’t jump like a little puppy replying to them.

That my friend will peak big interest in them for you.

7. The last tip and advice I want to share with you is that when you do set up a meeting with someone do not set up a big production of a date. If they actually tell you that’s what they want then that is all they are after is a dinner and a good time and that’s it and they do it to everyone else they meet.

That person really isn’t looking for any type of commitment. When you meet someone for the first time of a dating site what you are doing is seeing if there is any chemistry between you and anymore interest in pursuing anything with them.

The best thing to do is meet at the park if the weather permits and go for a walk or meet at a coffee shop. Doing that is a great idea because there is not much commitment as far as time and money go and it is very easy to just walk away from a coffee shop or at the park if you don’t like what is going on.

Most people will agree to meeting this way unless of course they are looking for a free meal.

That’s it for now; I hope I have helped you and that you really do put some of my tips to work for you. I know they will help you in your pursuit to meeting someone online.

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