How to Get Thousands of blog Visitors Per day

Getting thousands of blog visitors per day is the dream of the owners of blogs. But to get thousands of visitors per day is not easy. So what exactly a secret and how to get thousands of visitors per day is it? I’ll try to share my experience about how the experience of getting the blog up to thousands of daily visitors to the reader.

Actually the way I do tricky. But if you already know how the gap to get visitors, guaranteed it will be easier. Okay we start these tips to get thousands of daily visitors to our blog.

1. Do not just write content, create content that is really sought after visitor. To know the content visitors are looking for please try with google insight. An example is the google keyword insight about blogs.

2. After knowing the keywords that crowded, try variations of these keywords in the title that you use either the post or title your home site.

3. The first paragraph should have keywords that exist on the title and keywords that you shoot it.

4. Give the anchor text into your url on the keywords that you shoot. Examples are available at any existing articles on this blog. Each in the first paragraph there is always a repeat title in the first paragraph of my link to the url the article.

5. After Seo On Page, multiply the off page seo backlinks look natural way as possible.

6. If google insight is not enough help, try to search on google, and Zero searches related that exist in those keywords. Because the related search on google also is a keyword that crowded and many typed in google.

7. General topic and do not create a website with just one topic and discussion. Because one topic visitor or visitors less than a general or a variety of topics.

8. Use the forums, facebook and website visited by many communities as a venue for free promotion of your website.

9. Do not be content until you write the copy and paste, should follow the example of another article, but please in the rewrite again, because if you just copy and paste, you do not have a chance to go to page 1 of google.

10. Write each of your articles properly, and make sure these visitors benefit from the articles you write, they surely will someday come back to your blog and always remember the name of your blog.

Maybe that’s it, simple way to get thousands of visitors per day. For blogger friends have any tips and tricks on how to get and bring in thousands of daily visitors to the blog please share here. May be useful.