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How to Get Vintage Gaming Console Within Budget?

If you too are a fan of vintage gaming then, you can try out building vintage gaming console yourself. It is possible when you know the system requirements and know the steps involved. In this article, you will discover the basic steps to build retro gaming by using Raspberry Pi.

Ever since, the Raspberry Pi has been launched it seems to be a perfect machine for retro gaming. The best part is that it is available for just $35, and this makes it most popular to the masses. However, it is quite possible that you might not be able to obtain it due to its high demand. Then why not opt for creating a retro gaming console yourself? This guide will help you create a console without being heavy on the budget.

The basics

For retro gaming, you will need a ROM and retro game console emulator.

A ROM will be the retro gaming copy that will be on your device.

A retro game console emulator is the application that you will be playing on the ROM.

In our example, we are talking about the Raspberry Pi set up.

Using the Raspberry Pi, you will be able to boot to EmulationStation. It is the program that launches off the SD card called RetroPie that will help you select a controller without mouse or keyboard.

What do you need?

Below mentioned are the things that you will need to get started:

• A Windows/Mac/Linux computer required to transfer your ROMs.

• A Raspberry Pi (either 256 MB or 512 MB model).

• A 4 GB SD card and USB Controllers.

• A USB keyboard and mouse (for initial setup only).

• A router (to transfer your ROMs).

• TV/monitor, AV/HDMI cables, power supply (for the entire list check out Raspberry Pi Wiki).

• A free copy of Cyberduck (or any FTP, SFTP client).

Installation Process

Download the RetroPie Project SD card image. When the process of download is complete, extract it and store it to SD card using Win32Disklmager. If you are on Mac then, you can use the RPI-sd card builder. For Linux users they can use the command line, this is the easiest way. When the process is complete, then you need to use the SD card in the Raspberry Pi. Then skip to the process where you need to transfer your ROM files.

You will need to install the retro game console emulator manually with an easy guide on RetroPie Github page. However, you should know that manual process demands 6-9 hour’s dedication for download and complete installation of the process. If you do it manually, you can obtain the latest version for emulators and choose accordingly.

Set Up EmulationStation

You need to boot up the Raspberry Pi by plugging it in and then using the SD card with the program. Turn the program on, when the process is complete, hit the F4 function key to exit the command like and apply the following steps:

• Enter the configuration menu by typing sudo raspi-config and hit ‘Enter’

• Select the first option ‘Expand Filesystem’, hit ‘Enter’ to run it

• Go to the Internationalisation options, where you will be prompted to provide your location, keyboard, and timezone

• Go to ‘Advanced Options’ and enable the access of SSH to help transfer ROMs through Wi-Fi

• Now navigate to Advanced Options -> Memory Split and then change the numeric arrangement to ‘192’ or ‘128’

• Hit Finish, the system will reboot

When the system reboots, you will get command prompts that will help you move on with the process of the controller setup. You will be able to determine the moves of the controller like left or right, up or down.

Configure Controllers

Assuming that your keyboard and controller are still plugged in, you need to enter the following command in the command line:

cd RetroPie-Setup

sudo ./retropie_setup.sh

This command execution will display the setup screen to help you set up controller. Choose the third option of Setup->Select Register RetroArch Controller, now automatic commands will appear that you need for button inputs. Once you complete the process, you can exit. Then you will need to boot the whole process.

If you find the above process complicated then, you will need to check out the online resources for help. Alternatively check out retro games for sale to make things easier for you. Another way is to seek help from an expert on the matter. However, if you are already well aware or familiar with the process you can soon start enjoying your retro gaming when the process is complete.

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