How to get your Chinese Visa Medical tests in London

A lot of businessmen, corporate executives fly to China every year on different types of visas. Most of these visas are applied from their own home countries by themselves or their respective companies. It is often quite hard to find a medical centre in London which advises and guides you through the entire procedure of medical tests that needs to be completed. I, therefore outlined some key tips and guidance before moving to China.

The China health record guideline lists the following forms which are essential:

– A Physical Examination record for Foreigner (BG- 14) detailing the results of entire body check up.

– Syphilis Testing report

– AIDS Testing report

The above tests are to be carried out prior to 6 months of applying to China visa. Firstly, you need to set up an appointment with a public health clinic or a physician. The Chinese authorities will consider your medical tests as outdated if the test results are more than six months old. The Chinese Immigration operates on a stringent set of rules which need to be followed by every individual. After the physical examination, the HIV and Syphilis tests are to be taken at a private city walkin clinic or a doctor.

Once the AIDS and Syphilis tests are done, it is always essential to get the original lab test results. Generally, the doctors will keep the original record while a copy of the test is given to us but if you can request them to give you the original copy. These lab test results need to be stamped and signed by the clinic authorities. For children below the age of 12, there is no requirement of AIDS and Syphilis tests. However, a report about the kid’s health from a paediatrician will be helpful just in case.

The ECG and Chest X-ray tests are also required on the last page of the health report. If you are not suffering with Tuberculosis, you can ask the doctor to mention “no sign of Tuberculosis evident” in the report instead of having another separate test. The Chest X-ray and ECG tests must be carried with you during the immigration check point and if possible the original ones instead of the copies. Finally attach your latest passport sized photograph in the required box on the form. Always ensure that you carry the original “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner”. It is always a good practice to keep a record of photocopies of all the lab test results at home or carry with you. If you are planning to get your chinese visa medical tests done in London UK, City Walkin Clinic is there to help you.