How to Get Your Mac Refurbished – Don't Settle For Being Stuck With a Broken Computer!

Settling down with a non-functioning Mac doesn’t need to be your worst case scenario if you know how to get your Mac refurbished. You read that right – you don’t need to settle for being stuck with a broken computer that you need to try to fix yourself. Since you’re here, you probably have just experienced your Mac breaking down, so let me assure you that things are going to be ok. Depending on what happened, you might be able to take care of this today. But even if you have to send it to Apple to get it repaired, it’s going to be fine. You’ll likely be able to take care of this for no charge at all. So how does this work?

Did Your Mac Ever Even Turn On?

When looking at how to get your Mac refurbished, the first thing that must be considered is if it was ever operational. Did you get it home, try to turn it on, and find out that it was a dud? Or maybe you got that nice gray Apple screen with a twirling circle for a little while and then the whole thing just went dark and now it won’t do diddly squat. You’re in luck if that’s the case. Many store will allow you to return a computer that is considered ‘dead on arrival’ and simply exchange it for another one. They get a discount on the return, you get a new Mac, and you don’t have to worry about shipping it off somewhere. Online stores like Amazon offer this feature as well – checking out a store’s return policy may be your first step to relieving that pent up stress.

Has Your Mac Worked For the Last Month, But Now Its No Go?

No one is perfect, which means that there just might be a design flaw in your Mac that went undetected during the building process. Now that it’s been running awhile, that design flaw… well, it has made itself rather evident now, hasn’t it? This means it is time to contact Apple and request them to take a look at it. Apple will, in many instances, simply accept the broken Mac and either repair it or transfer all of your data onto a new one, and then send you away a happy camper. Then they take the Mac you gave them, repair it, wipe it clean, and resell it as refurbished. You get a new computer, Apple gets to recover some cost, and everyone wins.

Did You Break It?

This – this happened to me. My 3 year old daughter knocked a glass of water across my MacBook Pro and even though I got everything shut off immediately, I’ve now got a keyboard that is only partially backlit. A few of the keys stick. But unless you are covered under AppleCare and broke it under those terms – and liquid isn’t covered there – you either have to pay for the repair, which could be over $1,000, you attempt to repair it yourself, or you just live with the Mac the way it is. So in this case, how to get your Mac refurbished depends on your warranty and AppleCare coverage.

So if you need to know how to get your Mac refurbished, just follow the advice giving here and soon you will be up, running, and productive once more – unless you did something to it that AppleCare doesn’t fix.