How to Get Your Snowmobile Ready for the Winter

Soon the temperatures will be getting colder and the lake temperatures will be dropping low as people put the personal watercraft into hibernation. Of course, we all know what that means. As one outdoor craft gets put up for the season, another one comes out for use. So now is the time to start thinking about what to do to get your snowmobile ready for the winter months. You can take your snowmobile to a professional dealer or mechanic to be serviced. But following these tips will help you get it ready yourself for the coming season.

• First thing is to add all of the necessary fluids—gasoline, coolant, and brake fluid. Drain the gas tank first as any gas that was left in over the spring and summer could wind up doing damage to your machine. Add coolant and brake fluid as needed.
• Now is the time to clean the carburetor to prevent engine failure. Get yourself a can of carburetor cleaner and you should have no trouble doing this yourself.
• Inspect the skis and runners on your snowmobile. If the skis have cuts or holes, they should be replaced or repaired by a professional. Bent runners can be bent back into position by yourself or a mechanic.
• Many people cover the exhaust pipes of their snowmobile when they put it into storage to keep bugs and other critters out during the off months. Take off these covers.
• Check the spark plugs and replace these if necessary.
• Give the snowmobile a good wipedown and cleaning. Treat it nice just like you would your car and be sure to get all of the grime and grit cleaned off so that the exterior doesn’t corrode.
• Once you’ve done all of this, be sure to give the snowmobile one final onceover to make sure that it doesn’t have any other physical damage that might need to be addressed by your mechanic. You don’t want to get out in the middle of nowhere and have it break down.
• Speaking of the “middle of nowhere,” now is also a good time to pack an emergency kit to take out with you when you go snowmobiling. Be sure to bring rope, a first aid kit, emergency flares, a small shovel for digging out of sticky situations, and a basic tool kit.
Doing all of this can ensure that you are out in the snow and enjoying the winter weather and fun as soon as the first snow flakes fall.