How to Go About Buying Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

You may not probably need to buy your wholesale jewelry supplies if you are only creating pieces of jewelry for yourself to use or to give to friends as a gift. However, when people begin to notice your creations and they start placing orders, then it is time for you to consider buying in greater quantities. This is called bulk purchases. You buy more supplies at prices lower than when you buy on a per piece basis. If your designs require use of more lampwork beads, for example, then you buy wholesale lampwork beads. This is a way of getting your supplies at a discount that will in turn allow you to cut your production costs.

However, before you are able to buy wholesale jewelry supplies, there are steps that you should complete first. Here are some of those steps.

Have a Business License.

A business license or a resale certificate is one requirement of jewelry supplies wholesalers. If you need to buy lampwork beads, they will not sell wholesale lampwork beads to you unless you present these necessary documents. The costs of the license and the certificate may vary according to state, but it is usually very low. In Washington state, for example, a business license will cost only $20.

Find Wholesalers Online.

You may find a wholesale jewelry supplies vendor near your location, but most often, these wholesalers are found only online. If you have a wholesale shop near your residence, then you can have the opportunity to see and inspect the lampwork beads and other beads and findings that you need. If these wholesalers are very far from where you stay, then you should find the time to make a research and find the wholesale lampwork beads dealers that offer in their lineup products that suit your needs.

Many online stores carry and offer wholesale jewelry supplies in wide assortment, and you may find you like a site better than the other. Each online bead shop has its own specialty. For example, some specializes on semi precious stones, while others do well with wholesale lampwork beads. Some stores sell more on their sterling silver beads and findings, and still some are known for their unique selection of trade beads. The key here is not limiting yourself to just one supplier/wholesaler.

Set Up Your Account for Wholesale Purchases.

When trying to buy your wholesale jewelry supplies for the first time, you may find that you need various requirements by some companies. You may be asked to provide your contact information and email address. Some companies will be strictly requiring you to submit your tax ID and resale certificate. Others will only allow you to place an order for, say, wholesale lampwork beads, if you meet a certain purchase amount requirement. Some buyers luckily find suppliers who allowed them to buy wholesale once they have established an account with their store.

Visit Bead Shows

Go with a friend and attend some bead shows, which are also good options to find wholesale jewelry supplies such as wholesale lampwork beads. I said go with a friend, because you can have more fun when you have someone going around with you.