How to go bungee jumping in Dallas – Bungee Jump with Zero Gravity

For those who wish to experience the thrill of bungee jumping in Dallas, there is no better or safer company to deal with than Zero Gravity. At the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park one can have a great bungee jump experience by trying out Air Boingo. Bungee Jumps at this park are safe and well-monitored by the experienced staff. There are activities for everyone at this park which is located in the Fort Worth Metroplex Mall. This is one of the most adventurous things to do in Dallas TX. This is one of the more interesting bungee jumping locations one can find as it has additional thrill rides and is at the mall for those who wish for the less adventurous activity of shopping. There are online discounts, printable coupons or vouchers and other savings available for Zero Gravity if one does an internet search these can be found easily.

Safety while bungee jumping at zero gravity

For those making bungee jumps there can be no more important factor than the assurance that the facility providing the jump experience takes safety seriously. Zero Gravity believes in the old adage, “Safety First!” This means that for those interested in bungee jumping in Dallas there is a safe and fun place where the only worry for those adventurers willing to bungee jump is how much fun he or she will have.

Zero Gravity allows those who are bungee jumping in Dallas to do so if they are over 10 years of age and weigh between 80 and 240 pounds. Those under 1 must have a parent fill out a form and provide a legitimate signature. Riders cannot be pregnant, cannot have heart or blood pressure problems, should not have neck or back problems and should be free of other medical conditions.

Equipment used by Zero Gravity

The platform at Zero gravity is 7 stories high. The super elastic bungee cords used b Zero Gravity for bungee jumping in Dallas make the ride down and back smooth. One feels more jerking around and a rougher ride on most roller coasters. They use safety straps that are powerful enough to catch a person even without the aid of the bungee. At Zero Gravity those that are bungee jumping in Dallas will be jumping toward a stunt man quality air safety bag. This is an added safety feature that makes jumpers feel more secure, especially if this is their first bungee experience. This park boasts a perfect safety record, and despite all of this great equipment, riders still must sign a one page release before they will be allowed to take their big leap.

For those adventurous enough to attempt bungee jumping, whether a resident or a tourist to the area, Zero Gravity will offer the best and safest bungee jump experience. Those who are brave and love the rush of adrenaline will find no better activity. Keep in mind that when looking to make reservations for bungee jumping in Dallas one should always seek out online discounts or vouchers that will save money and make the day even more affordable.