How to go Bungee Jumping in Las Vegas

If you have ever wanted to go bungee jumping in Las Vegas, then you will want to be sure to take advantage of the opportunities of this exciting and spine tingling sport that the city has to offer.

You can find more information on this dare devil sporting activity, as well as the bungee jumping locations by doing an online search. You might even be able to find some discounts or coupons before you head up on top of the bungee jump platform.

What are Bunge Jumps in Las Vegas

Bungee jumps consist of the sport of jumping off an extremely high place, like a building on the Vegas strip, while you are attached to a long length of elastic cord. When the cord stretches and contracts after you leap off the platform, this bungee jump experience causes you to bounce up and down a few times and then land far below the place you started from.

Where else can you get the 14 seconds of sheer terror and weightlessness as you hurtle downwards at around 60 miles per hour from atop the Las Vegas skyline? Bungee jumping is just one of the exciting things to do in Las Vegas. You can choose to go at it alone or take a tandem bungee jump with another person.

Bungee Jumping in Las Vegas Requires No Prior Planning

Bungee jumping is also one of the things to do in Las Vegas that you don’t need any experience to do, just a lot of courage and spunk. If you have the moxie to handle the thrill and potential danger of the bungee jump experience and it doesn’t violate your own insurance or job, then bungee jumping in Las Vegas could be exactly what you are looking for.

Bungee Jumping Locations in Las Vegas

One of the bungee jumping locations in Las Vegas is the Stratosphere Hotel, where you can plunge off the 108th floor of the hotel and bungee jump 830 feet below! You just put on a jumpsuit and harness, listen to some instructions from the trainer, and get attached to the tether line and guide wires that keep you safe as you jump.

The version of bungee jumping in Las Vegas that the Stratosphere Hotel offers is somewhat more like a free fall, but you still get the heart throbbing feel of the bungee jump experience.

Another place you can go bungee jumping in Las Vegas is the Xtreme Zone at the Circus Circus Adventure Dome. There, you can find several versions of indoor bungee jumping. That’s when you use a bungee trampoline and are hooked up to a harness that is affixed to some elastic cords and vertical lift poles. You can even do flips and have a much longer experience than in the Stratosphere Hotel 14 second example of bungee jumping in Las Vegas.

Plan Ahead For Your Bungee Jumping in Las Vegas

So, don’t forget to go online before you head to either of these bungee jumping in Las Vegas venues to check for discounted tickets or coupons! You may as well save some money while you take that single or tandem bungee jump of fame!

The bottom line is that if you want the thrill of a lifetime and as coming to the famous sin city of the world, then you will want to take advantage of the sport of bungee jumping in Las Vegas!