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How to Go to Baloy Beach, Subic Philippines by Public Transportation

Catholics around the world hold onto traditions when it comes to commemorating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the Philippines, for instance, some penitents and devotees re-enact these events through actual carrying of the cross, getting whipped, and walking a far distance just like what Jesus did. But for some people, hearing mass and asking for forgiveness is enough. And then, after their religious obligations, they’re headed to the beach for a bonding with their friends and / or family.

One of the most popular beach destinations during Holy Week in the Philippines is Subic Bay in Zambales, Philippines. Subic is located in Central Luzon, and it’s known for its calm beaches and being a former United States military base. The US military has long been gone, but because of its beautiful beaches, the place is still swarmed with foreign nationals. So if you’re in the Philippines during Holy Week and want to take a break at a beach somewhere, try Subic Bay. One of the most popular beaches in Subic Bay are those located in Baloy.

How can you go to Baloy Beach by public transportation?

The most convenient way is through a bus. There are several bus companies headed to Zambales, but the best is Victory Liner. This company has several terminals in Manila, but to go to Baloy Beach, go to either the Cubao, Pasay, or Sampaloc branches. Take a bus going to Iba Sta. Cruz. Remind the driver to drop you off at Baloy, which should be along the highway. From the highway, take a 3-minute tricycle ride going to the resort of your choice.

As for travel time, the trip should be approximately 3 hours. Take note that this depends on several factors such as traffic, and the duration of stop-over. Fare is also cheap. Prepare Php 250 for a one-way trip.

Another alternative is to take the bus going to Olongapo. From Olongapo, take the blue jeepney to Baloy. There are tricycles that can take you to the beach resort of your choice.

I suggest that you book a room at Treasure Island as this is a beachfront resort. We stayed at The Lagoon, and though they have excellent services, it’s not a beachfront resort. As for alcoholic beverages, I suggest that you drink at Johan’s as the rates are low.

Learn more about Subic Bay, Philippines and the US military base.

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