How to Go to Sagada by Bus from Manila

There are some perks and benefits of going to Sagada by a private car. But if you long for adventure, traveling by bus is better. You’ll get to interact more with the locals, appreciate the sights more, and can save more energy.

This is a follow-up on my previous article, “Awesome Things to Do and Sights to See in Sagada,” which you can find here. In the said article, I gave some of my suggestions in case you want to visit the place. I’m telling you, Sagada will never bore you. Just make sure that you love hiking, walking, and cold weather.

So in this article, I’ll teach you how to go to Sagada by bus from Manila, the capital of the Philippines.

1. Take a Victory Liner bus to Baguio.

There are several bus terminals / companies offering Manila-to-Baguio trips, but my favorite is Victory Liner. There are two main terminals, one is in Cubao, and the other is in Pasay. If you want to check out the schedule, they have a reliable website to turn to. One ticket costs Php 445.

Travel time from Manila to Baguio is 5 to 6 hours, on the average. The best time to leave Manila is at midnight or around 1 in the morning. If you’d like to try other alternatives, you can try Genesis, Auto Bus, or Dagupan Bus Line.

2. In Baguio, take the GL Lizardo Bus to Sagada.

I know my way around Baguio City, so I prefer to walk from the bus terminal to where GL Lizardo buses are. But if you’re not comfortable doing that, it’s best to take a cab. If I remember it correctly, I think the earliest schedule for Sagada is 6:00 in the morning. One ticket costs Php 220.

During peak seasons, it’s best that you go to the terminal as early as possible to purchase a ticket. And oh, don’t expect for air-conditioned buses. Travel time is 6 to 7 hours.

Here are some travel tips.

  • Bring a jacket with you. Or if you’re like me who gets cold easily, get a fleece blanket. I know it’s childish, but trust me, fleece is a great insulator. It’ll keep you warm and comfortable.
  • Bring a plastic bag especially if you’re traveling with kids. The road from Baguio to Sagada is long and dizzying.
  • Bring bottled water.
  • There’s no ATM in Sagada, so you’re strongly advised to bring enough cash with you.