How to Grill Chicken Wings

Do you know that you can entertain your friends and family with a delicious meal if you know how to grill chicken? Grilling can be a quite fun activity for your family. Grilling is quite easy. All you require is an appropriate temperature on your grill, chicken, seasonings and of course some skills. If you are planning to grill the chicken on an electric grill, adjusting temperature is very easy. However, if you are going to use a conventional grill, setting the fire to the required temperature can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, ignite the wood or charcoals by placing crumbled papers. You should avoid igniting the fire using gasoline as the gasoline smell will be reflected in the chicken aroma. It is also recommended that you find some dry wood and charcoal to avoid smoking your chicken.

Preparing chicken wings

After the grill is set, select your favorite part of the chicken. In this case I am going to use wings. Make a point of buying already prepared wings which have had their wing tips removed. Otherwise, you’ll need to prepare them yourself which can be pretty time consuming. However, to prepare the chicken yourself you simply have to get rid of the chicken wings’ tips using a knife. Afterwards, slice the chicken wings, rinse them in cold water and pat them dry using a paper towel. You can also read other recipes on how to grill chicken to be proficient in it.

How to marinate chicken wings

The best thing about learning how to grill chicken is that you get to choose all the seasonings yourself. When seasoning, ensure you season the wings fully. This will give you a delicious bite for every portion of the wings. For optimum result, it is recommended you marinate the chicken wings overnight as this will allow an ample time for the wings to absorb the flavors.

How to grill chicken wings

After you have seasoned the wings as you desire, you can now arrange the wings on your grill. Make sure you turn the chicken wings from time to time to avoid them from overcooking. You should grill the chicken wings until their innermost part is not pink. It is recommended you keep basting marinate over the chicken wings to make sure the chicken wings remain juicy and not dried up. Grilling chicken wings usually take between 6 to 10 min to cook; you can check other recipes on how to grill chicken to see the time required for your favorite part to grill perfectly. Even so, you can let the chicken wings cook a little longer if you need them quite crispy. When you follow these simple instructions, you will know to how grill chicken perfectly in no time.

Serving grilled chicken wings

After removing the wings from the grill, place them on large bowl and toss them in sauce when they are still hot. It is recommended that you let them soak in the sauce for a few minutes for optimum results. You can now serve your friends and family with delicious chicken wings easily. I am pretty sure all your friends will enjoy the delectable meal. You can add some fun in grilling by showing them how to grill chicken wings perfectly in just a few minutes.