How to Grow Long Luxurious Hair Fast

Do you have hair envy? I always wanted long, luxurious hair. But I have wispy, fine hair that likes to break upon the least amount of pressure from any hair brush. So I started researching how to grow long hair fast. It actually is not as hard as you might think!

Growing long hair basically comes down to two thing – what you eat, and how you treat your hair. There are no magic formulas or pills that you can take to magically grow your hair out. If someone tells you there are, then they are selling you snake oil. But there are things that you can change in your diet and in your hair’s treatment to help it grow long, fast.

Diet to Help Hair Grow

Diet is extremely important to everything else in your body. Why wouldn’t it be important to hair too? What you eat really can help determine how healthy and long your hair can grow. There are some foods that just seem to work wonders for people trying to lengthen their hair.

  • Protein – Your hair is made of protein. To be more specific, your hair is made of an amino acid called keratin. Your body cannot produce keratin by itself – you have to eat it. You can find protein in lean meat, fish, nuts, beans soy products, and cheeses.
  • Iron and Zinc – These two nutrients are very important for healthy hair growth. Iron can be found in meat and soy, so you can eat that to get both protein and iron. Zinc is also found in meats, as well as chickpeas, peanut butter, and pumpkin seeds.
  • Fat – Fat helps keep hair healthy and shiny. While you shouldn’t eat a lot of fat, eating none at all can really hurt your hair growth. Healthy fats like those found in avocados and fish are the way to go.
  • Vitamin C – Ever wonder why your hair breaks more in the winter? It could be because you are not eating enough citrus fruits, a common source of vitamin C. This vitamin helps your body build collagen, which is an essential part of producing new hair cells.
  • Vitamin B – This vitamin can help prevent hair loss. You can find it in seafood, spinach, and bananas.

Treat Your Hair Well to Keep it Healthy

It’s important to treat the hair you already have well in order to keep it healthy. Otherwise, it quickly becomes dull and lifeless, and needs to be cut more frequently. There are a few things you can do to prevent damage.

  • Avoid heat styling. Heat damages your hair. Blow drying your hair everyday or using a curling iron or straightener can cause your hair to break faster and not grow as long.
  • Restrict brushing your hair to once or twice a day. Brushing can pull your hair out, especially if you do it forcefully. Instead, try to comb your hair using leave in conditioner to prevent pulling and breakage.
  • Get regular trims. This prevents split ends from spreading.
  • Avoid perms and other chemical treatments. These harsh chemicals can hurt your hair, keeping it from growing healthfully.
  • Avoid pulling hairstyles, like ponytails. These can cause damage to your hair, especially if you do them while your hair is wet.
  • Use gentle shampoos. Harsh chemicals can damage your hair. Instead, try to avoid shampoos with ingredients you don’t understand.

Other Techniques to Try

There are a few other ideas that may or may not help your hair grow long. Many people are swearing by coconut oil as a conditioner. It is a very natural product, and may help condition and soften your hair. Other people say raw egg can help your hair stay strong, as eggs have protein in them. Milk is another often recommended treatment. But since these things have not been studies scientifically, it’s hard to say if they really work.One thing that may help is to avoid stress. Many people lose hair when they are stressed. If you can minimize stress, you may be able to grow your hair longer.So how do you grow long luxurious hair? Eat well, take good care of the hair you have, and minimize stress. You can try other ideas if you like, but those are the minimum you must do to get good results.
Photo courtesy of Mike Baird.