How to Grow Long Luxurious Hair Faster

No matter what, you always want your hair to be beautiful. You want you hair to be healthy as well as compliment your facial features. Some women like to wear their hair long and it looks nice on them. Other women like the way that short hair makes them look. Each woman is different in her personal interests and lifestyle. Sometimes these things will also determine whether a woman wears her hair long or short.

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Perhaps you have grown tired of short hair, and you want to get a bit of length growing. Then again, maybe you are one of those people with hair that never seems to grow long or grow very fast.

I learned how to grow long luxurious hair faster by listening and watching the things that my great-grandparents, grandparents and parents did, while they were living on farms. Of course, there is not only old farmer knowledge at work here; working here is also the knowledge of Cherokee ancestors.

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I listened and watched them as they grew plants for eating. That may sound strange, but that is how I came to realize what it was I needed to do in order to have my hair grow longer faster. You see, there are various times during the year that is naturally better for planting and harvesting. Many farmers will follow the advice of the Farmer’s Almanac to keep up their schedule of planting and harvesting. The Native Americans, including the Cherokee have always taken the natural elements of this world, including the moon into consideration before much else with anything they planned to do, gardening or not.

Without having to get into a long story about each this, that, how and why I found out how to grow long luxurious hair faster, I am going to outline the best times to trim your hair during the year so that it will grow longer faster.

how to grow long hair

The moon is the biggest factor to consider; it influences so many things from the tides of the oceans to the cycles of women as well as when is the best time for a trim to encourage longer growth for your hair. You may want to pick up a Farmer’s Almanac and then mark your calendar. You may also be able to find calendars that already include the moon phases and astrological signs.

The best moon cycle to trim your hair for faster growth is during a New Moon. The best New Moons are Water Moons, with one exception. You will want to mark your calendar for Water New Moons during the year. The astrological water signs that you will be looking for are Cancer the Crab, Scorpio the Scorpion or Eagle and Pisces the dual Fish. New Moons in any of these signs will get the job done; however, the Pisces New Moon will get the job done quicker. The exception to these three choice water new moons is a Gemini New Moon. Trimming your hair on a Gemini New Moon will produce longer hair faster than trimming during any other new moon cycle.

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Keep in mind that while you are trimming your hair during the right moon cycle in order for it to grow longer faster that you do not need to trim off a great deal of hair. You can simply trim off a ¼ of an inch to accomplish growing long luxurious hair faster.

May sound doubtful to many individuals, which is fine. However, I have experimented with trimming my hair during these moon phase cycles, and I know that this works very well for me. A trim during a Gemini new moon produced longer hair quicker for me than any other time; however, if I do not want to wait for that new moon, my best choice is that or trimming my hair during a Pisces new moon.

Grow long hair faster

*Try it yourself and see what you think.

**Special Note: This will work as well for growing longer nails faster. Simply trim them just a bit on during the new moons or you can just file down the edges a bit to get the same result in growth.