How to Handle a Call from Telemarketers?

Call from telemarketers can really be quite annoying. This is because you are already a busy person not having enough time. Above that when you get a call from them you will have to listen to them and also answer them when they ask you a few questions. Handling them is a tricky task. Once you know which phone numbers belong to such telemarketing companies you can block their calls. There are a few things you can do when you get a call from telemarketer.

Here are the things you can do

• If you get a call from the telemarketer and if the subject matter is of your choice or of your need then you may listen to the matter. After you listen to them you can decide whether or not you wish to listen further or you wish to end the call. If you feel that the matter is interesting you may ask them the relevant questions. If things are out of your interest then you can merely end the call and politely tell them to stop calling again.
• If you feel that the subject matter talked about is completely irrelevant then you can merely tell them to shut up and end the call.
• You can add your name in National Do Not Call List.
• Even after adding your name on National Do Not Call List you get the call, you can tell the telemarketer to add your name in the internal Do Not Call List.
• Even after taking such strict steps things do not come under control then you have right to sue the telemarketing company. But generally it would be a hassled task to get into such mess. Rather a good thing would be once you know that this is a spam call or telemarketing call, do not pick up the phone. Those guys would get tired and they would stop calling you on their own.

Can a reverse telephone directory help?

It’s good news for those who are quite tired with the daily calls from the telemarketers. You can find online phone numbers reverse directory that shows you the numbers that may be spam calls or telemarketing calls. Such numbers are noted as unsafe. The rest of the numbers which are proper are noted as safe numbers.

Generally those numbers that come from pranksters, spammers and telemarketer are marked as unsafe. It is really good that such sites are made which dedicate themselves to help others know as to which phone number is not right to be picked up. It is important that you search for a reliable reverse directory that would provide you apt information about the matter. A website that only provides you half the information may not be useful to you to the considerable extent. But the one that really is meant to help others would be useful.

Since people do not have time to pick up fake and spam calls it is really vital that you get in touch with such websites so that you do not face any sort of difficulty.