How To Handle Setbacks In Life


Setbacks are temporary situations.They are not stop signs;they are simply lessons in the school of excellence.Rather than become discouraged and quitting,you ask yourself,how can I do it differently? How To Handle Setbacks In Life

What changes do you need to make in your future attempts?If your sincere attempts to do something fail,should you quit?No!

You should try again,and again.Rather than surrendering to your circumstances,you need to discover:

1.what went wrong at your last attempt?

2.How do you do it differently this time around?

3.What should you do that you have not done before?

There is always a way out.King David rose beyond the setbacks,sought for the answer and found it.This means that when we fail at something,it could mean:
You didn’t do it the right way,in which case,you should go to work and research how to do it better.You did not do it at the right time.Timing is very important to success.If you miss your timing,you may miss your blessings.This will require you to remain sensitive in the spirit through close communion with GOD.You didn’t do it with the right people.You need people to succeed.You may be required to pray the wrong people out of your life and pray the right people into your life.You may need to search for such people.You didn’t do it for the right reasons and so did not attract GOD’S help.If this is the problem you will need to purify your motive.To succeed in any venture,there is always a proper order and right pattern to follow.Instead of becoming discouraged and quitting,you should discover the right principles,get up,go beyond your past mistakes and succeed.