How to handle stress in your online classes

Getting stressed with online classes is not uncommon. If you cannot get a handle on your work or if things are becoming a little confusing then it is easy to get carried away in your own frustration. There is no easy fix to this, but there are things you can do to take the pressure off. You may notice that your emotions are playing a bigger part in your stress than you realize. Here is a little help so that you may handle your stress with an online class.

Your emotions may be the biggest problem

This is not suggesting that you break into tears when you take on a new online module. The emotions being referred to are more deeply engrained within you. They are the same ones that make you feel sympathy for people you have never met, or that make you feel excited about chase scenes in movies.

Did you know that women/girls find test taking more stressful than men/boy (in general). This is because men/boys are challenged a lot more when they are younger and are taught a lot earlier that if you relax into something then it becomes easier (this goes for anything from hitting a baseball to figuring out puzzles). The best way of demonstrating this is with an example.

In primary school (little school) they had a system where you had to learn your multiplication tables. You started with the two times table and each week you are tested. If you pass the test on the two times table then you may move on to the three times table. A young boy was stuck on the two times table for thirteen weeks and was frankly sick of failing. On test number fourteen (when some students were up to the 9 times table already) the boy gave up. The test came and he didn’t look at the clock, and just answered a few questions casually without caring if he completed the test. He passed with flying colors and that is because he was not emotionally invested in the test. He was cool and relaxed and passed with ease.

Take a step back

Figure out if you are getting stressed because you are doing the same thing as the young boy did with his multiplications tests. If you were to miss a day, get some sleep, kick around the house, etc, and then go back to it, do you think you would fail (or the world would end?). If you are sure that you would, then you may be too emotionally invested in your work. You need to take a more casual and relaxed approach.

How can I be casual if I do not understand the text?

Let’s say that you are working on an online class module and you come across a paragraph or two in the text that you do not understand. It does not make sense to you and it is making you exceedingly stressed. Take a step back and think about what you are feeling.

Read the paragraph(s) through even if you do not fully understand what it means. Read all the way through to the end of the chapter/section. Reading it through even though you do not understand it will add a subconscious factor, then later when it “clicks” in your mind you will be loaded with many of the details you need.

Understanding difficult text

You have read it through to the end but are still misty on the subject. Do not become stressed. Simply read it all through again from the beginning of the chapter to the end, but this time be ready with a word document. Write down every question you would have asked a professor if he/she were standing with you right now.

Still don’t understand it, then go online and look for alternative sources for the same material. You can find out about almost anything online, so go online and look for someone else’s efforts to explain it. Sometimes it is simply a case of your online classroom text or textbooks being worded in a way that is not ideal for you. Look for the same information from another source. This will often allow you to plug the holes in your knowledge and help you understand it all.

Still don’t get it then don’t stress out

Now it is time to ask your online teacher/tutor for help. You can explain how you have tried to fix your understanding and even show him or her your list of pertinent questions on the subject. Explain that this is causing you a lot of stress and seek help on the subject. Do not invest emotionally in it; just be cold and calculating so that you do not become stressed about it.