How to have proper nutrition

To live humans need food. When someone gets hungry it’s because his or her body is in need of energy and nutrients. Most people in society have very poor nutrition and overall health. We eat Mcdonalds and so much other junk food which is filled with unnecessary saturated fats. To be in good health we need proper nutrition. When you have proper nutrition you will improve overall health because you’re providing your body with the proper fuel to perform properly. For example if I get drunk every day, smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and smoke 2 grams of weed every day, and at the same time don’t workout and eat at Mcdonald’s, my body will not perform as well as I would if I went to the gym every day, took proper care of my nutrition, and kept my smoking and drinking to a minimum. Its not everyone’s fault that we’re not in good health, it’s because a lot of people either don’t know a lot about health or just don’t care about it. If you want to be in good health ask yourself why you want to be in good health. So what are some things you can do to improve your health?
To make your body perform at the highest levels you want to provide your body with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, proper intake of proteins and carbohydrates, and LOTS of water. So good foods would be fish, chicken, meat, fruits, vegetables, protein shakes, and once a week you should go for a buffet to test your eating limits. Smoking is not good for health at all. Marijuana I’m not so sure I need to do a little more research on that one. Because I was discussing about marijuana with my friend and he was telling me that marijuana is good when you go to the gym. If you do that you’re going to get really hungry because you’re going to get the munchies. And if you smoke weed after a workout it relaxes your muscles.
To stay in good health it is really important to workout. This is because our bodies have a lot of unnecessary crap that can only be flushed out by working out and maintaining proper nutrition. When you clear your body up from it’s toxins you’re literally going to feel more fresh.