How to Help a Child who Chews?

Most children, in their early age, tend to develop habits, which are unique to them. These habits are often identified when the little ones feel anxious.

While there are several methods to aid relieve a child from this habit and reduce the stress out of him or her, it is not actually impractical to eliminate all the other habits, some of them can cause severe problem as your little one grows.

One of the habits is chewing. Little ones often chew objects lying on the floor which attracts dirt, toys which can have chemicals and many other items, which can spread germs.

However, there are certain things you can do, which would help your little one grow in a healthier way:

1. The first thing to do is to identify and educate your kid and people around him or her that chewing is only a habit to achieve relaxation in a situation where he is stressed or uncomfortable. As, dome kids are introverts or shy, they tend to chew something. There is nothing wrong about it.

2. Do not make your kid feel bad about his or her habit. If he chews clothes, which put holes in them, it is imperative to make him know that you understand this habit is just to release stress from him.

3. You can aid him by locating a harmless object which he can chew anytime when he wishes to.

4. Make sure to take out time for your little from your busy routine to share some of the emotions he or she might be feeling. Do not tell him stressful stories. Instead make him feel confident and fear-free by telling motivational stories so that he overcomes chewing habit and further remain happier and stress-free. Giving more time to your child can really work in order to induce a sense of confidence and positive attitude in your child.

5. Hire a nanny : This is one of the best ways through which you can help your child overcome the bad chewing habit. A professional nanny would be educated, experienced and will take care of your little one in the most positive manner. She will teach the mannerism and basic behavior children should implement when stressed. She will boost confidence in him making him or her more social, care-free and independent.

If your child has a chewing habit, you can implement the above tips into practical use.