How to Help A Parent With Cancer Through Targeted Radiation Treatments

help a parent with cancer

After the shock of a Cancer diagnosis family members start trying to understand how to help a parent with cancer through treatments. Spouses and children suffer the shock and uncertainty of the diagnosis. Then they look to a doctor for the hope of a miracle treatment that will save their loved one. Targeted radiation therapy is one of the ways doctors treat Cancer. When targeted radiation becomes the treatment plan, families need to understand how to help a parent with Cancer through treatments.

One Accord, Understanding, And Listening During Cancer Treatments

Cancer makes life very hard for families. Especially when a parent is the one with the disease. It’s even harder to know what to do if the situation is terminal. The best way for family members to help a parent with Cancer is by being united in purpose and action. Helping the family member with the terminal illness needs to be about what’s best for the patient. The best way to do that is by listening to and understanding the patient and their doctor. Being on one accord, understanding, and listening are three of the best things anyone can do help a parent with Cancer get through targeted radiation treatments.

You’re A Concierge During Cancer Treatments

Each situation is different but the their mental and physical health, and the type and stage of Cancer your parent is experiencing, help decide how much help your parent might need. They might need someone to act as a concierge to do chores like shop for groceries, pick up medicine or medical equipment & cleaning the house.

You’re A Medical Representative During Cancer Treatments

Being a medical representative is a great way to help a parent with cancer get through treatment. You mother or father could become too tired to deal with the medical aspects of cancer. That’s where you can step in as a point of contact with doctors. Then you can help your parent understand treatment options, medicines and medical procedures.

An In-Home Nurse During Targeted Radiation

When cancer and targeted radiation treatments take away a patients ability to do everyday task they may need an in-house nurse. This could be family members or your family could consider hiring a professional nurse to help care for your parent. Having to pay for in-house care can get very expensive but not as expensive as a nursing home.

A Nursing Home After Targeted Radiation

Nursing home could be a great way to help a parent with cancer undergo radiation treatments. Most parents would rather stay in their own homes but when families aren’t able to care for a parent, nursing homes are an option for some. Nursing homes are also an expensive option. It’s important to remember that nursing homes are businesses and are there to make money. The quality of medical care in nursing homes also varies from nursing home to nursing home.

Mental Support During Targeted Radiation Treatment

Someone may need to be the life coach to help keep things as normal as possible for as long as possible. This person should be a good encourager that helps push through tough times but knows when to ease off and just be there. A coach can help a parent with cancer through targeted radiation treatments by walking along side to help the patient keep a positive attitude.

Emotional Support During Targeted Radiation Treatment

Cancer patients also need emotional support. Love is strong medicine. We don’t fully understand the healing properties of love but we know love helps with healing. In a situation like Cancer, understanding how to love your love one is very important. People give and receive love in different ways and it’s up to you to figure out what kind of love will be received. You also need to know whether you’re a person that can give that kind of love.

Practical Support During Targeted Radiation Treatment

Keeping the house, yard, vehicles, and finances in order are some very practical ways to help a parent get through radiation treatments. Parents have many of the same responsibilities that children do. so someone could to step in and be responsible for running your parents home while your parent undergoes treatment.


Unfortunately there are no cookie cutter solutions for how to help a parent with Cancer through Cancer treatment. Each situation brings it’s own unique challenges. But being on one accord, understanding, and listening to the patient, are always some of the best things anyone can do to help a parent with Cancer through targeted radiation treatments.