How to Help Homeless People – 15 Effective Ways

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If you are looking at how to help homeless people, you have lots of options at your disposal to keep in mind, many of which will not cost you any money. Listed in this article are lots of ways you can assist someone that has no place to live, lacking the most basic of human needs. What you choose to do is up to you.

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Collect Points: From smokes to snack items, there are all sorts of “collect and redeem” programs out there. Give what you get to someone and make their day better.

Food: You can volunteer at a soup kitchen or order an extra burger at the fast food restaurant and give it to someone that probably hasn’t had a good meal in some time.

Old Clothing: Why toss something with holes in it? A homeless person would love to have a ripped coat or jacket, especially in the winter.

Hotel Vouchers: You or your group could provide a few days of shelter in a hotel, perhaps giving the person enough time to clean up and land a job.

Recycle With A Purpose: Take the funds you get from aluminum cans or other recyclables and give them directly to someone or buy something of use for them to use.

Petition for Help: Ask your city council to provide a battered women’s shelter or other temporary housing in your area. If you get many people behind the cause, it’s possible to make a difference.

Put Them To Work: Some business owners have had good success putting homeless people to work for them. It’s risky in some regards, but it can be very rewarding. Start small and let them work their way up, just like anyone else.

Give Respect: Don’t stare, gawk, point, or snicker. We are all one lost job and a bad break or two away from living on the streets. Treat them with a little dignity.

Make Something: Anything will work. Blankets, towels, hats, gloves, mittens, shirts, or even nice looking pictures will show someone that you care about them as a person.

Raise Awareness: Hold up signs, take out ads in the paper (which you may get for free), and put up signs to raise awareness to issues. Some people turn a blind eye for so long that homeless people aren’t even noticed anymore. This is no way to help others.

Start a Drive: Raise food or funds to provide the basic needs for someone or a group of people.

Volunteer: There are probably many ways you can volunteer in your area to help out, even if it’s just one or two hours per week.

Demand Change: Get active and get involved. Civil rights are not lost when someone has no place to live. Demand change and be active in making it happen. The Human Services department of your local courthouse should have some programs to help homeless people. If not, demand them.

Contact National Organizations: Habitat for Humanity and transitional housing agencies are good places to start out.

Take Action: Nothing will change unless you take action. One person can make a difference in the world; history has shown this many times.

Use any or all of these suggestions as you look at how to help homeless people.

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How to Help Homeless People – 15 Effective Ways, Seekyt
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