News How to Help Protect Children From Sports Concussions

How to Help Protect Children From Sports Concussions


If your child is getting involved in a collision sport, you need to know how to help protect your child from sports concussions. Sports concussions are on the rise in youth athletics. A blow to the head causes a concussion. Some of the symptoms of a concussion are nausea, headaches, problems concentrating, and problems with vision. These are serious symptoms that can follow a person for life. The majority of sports concussions in youth happen in sports like football and soccer. Boys and girls are experiencing concussions at an alarming rate. Girls are almost twice as likely to experience a sports concussion as boys. Sports concussions are a very serious health crisis in youth sports. It may be nearly impossible to end sports concussions but there are some things that can be done to help protect children from sports concussions.

Mental Intangibles

Understanding your child’s mental intangibles is a good place to start when trying to protect against sports concussions. All sports are played at what’s called game speed. Game speed is self-explanatory because it means the pace or speed that the game is played. Parents need to know their child’s cognitive abilities like mental alertness and reflex speed. Understanding a child’s ability or inability to adapt to a fast paced sport can be used as a measure of whether a child should be involved in a particular sport or not.

How Much Heart

A child’s size, level of fitness, and overall health are factors that could help prevent sports concussions. There are no guarantees that a child won’t get a concussion because he or she is big and strong. Likewise, it’s not a given that a child will get a concussion because the child is small. Concussions can occur regardless of a child’s size. The key is the child’s ability to use proper technique and timing. For example, there is a right way for football players to tackle and block. These techniques aren’t foolproof but they’ve been used for years with a low ratio of concussions to tackles and blocks. A child’s physical abilities of speed, strength, and coordination are factors that need to be considered to help protect them from concussions.

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Good Healthcare Physical Examination

You should require a quality medical examination and approval to play before allowing a child to play a collision sport. Being sure that children get a proper physical exam from a competent healthcare worker could possibly save a child’ s life. They could find a serious pre-existing condition that would prevent a child from playing a collision sport.

Choose the Right Sport

Choosing the right sport could prevent a concussion. All children aren’t made for contact sports. Children need to be involved in sports but they should be matched up with a sport that best suits the child’s sports profile. A child’s sports profile is the child’s characteristics that are defined in this article. A child is more likely to be happy and more successful when matched up with a sport that best fits the child and the child fits the sport. But the best part is that a child could be saved from a concussion.

How to Help Protect Children From Sports Concussions
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