How to help your friend in diet using the right foods?

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Foods have one thing in common with the air. They are both indispensable to human. The foods that you eat regularly makes you carry on your task and daily routines and the air makes you breathe and keep alive. These two things must be abundant on earth to keep propagate the human race. Life will be more secure if foods are enough for every family and everyone can avail fresh air in the atmosphere. That’s why the bureau of food technology and other food industries find ways to give us sustainable food in the same manner that environmentalists keep an active campaign for fresh air movement.

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More people are becoming health conscious and more concern about the foods. If you happen to pass by in a busy street, you saw someone trying to catch your attention as she offers you a food diet supplement to maintain your sexy body. She wants you to buy such product yet you said no and ignore her. You just continue to walk but food concerns come running down your mind. There are several reasons that many suffer from malnutrition and food scarcity but you yourself was offered by that lady of a food diet supplement. Again here you can see that many are trying to follow the trend of slim body. Then, when you arrive in your office, your officemate said she won’t be eating her lunch for she needs to lose weight. Now, it’s time to sit down with her and share your concerns why she needs to take foods.

You can enjoy a light conversation and explain to her the advantage of eating foods in regular meals. You can speak and inform her that her body requires good food that will help her sustain in work. Reveal to her that there is a great need that she can maintain a healthy body through eating nutritious food or she can still lose her weight with fiber foods. Finally, convince her that eating a complete meal in a day with good food nutrients is the best way to achieve balance nutrition.

If your friend really wishes to lose weight introduce to her, foods rich in fiber and anti-oxidants. She can eat foods with fiber such as oats, nuts, brown rice, vegetables, barley and fruits. This is one way that she can reduce her cholesterol levels without the risk of developing heart ailment. Foods rich in fibers should be present in her meal so that she can be filled up without adding calories on her body. She can eat foods too with fresh or dried fruits for desserts or drink tea regularly.

It is also good to inform your friends that she must go with natural foods like fruits and vegetables most of the time. It will be very helpful, if aide from eating nutritious food, she will have proper exercise and adequate water intake. Yes, you can always be there to assist her how she can shape her body with your food suggestions and constant motivation. Each day give her some healthy tips about various nutritious foods and invite her sometime to eat in the vegetarian restaurant where you used to go.

In the end, you r friend will soon realize you are right that foods are essential for a healthy body. Nothing is irreplaceable from eating the right food to have the healthy and long life which you have shared with your office mate so encourage also others who have been long seeking for the best thing to do just to have a fit and healthy body.

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How to help your friend in diet using the right foods?, Seekyt
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