How to hire the right dentist for you

If you have just moved residence, or just need to change your current dentist maybe because you doubt his or her abilities or you are just not comfortable with him/her anymore, here are some ideas that will help you hire the right dentist for you.

It should be a personal decision based on your circumstances and you should be able to feel comfortable enough to see your dentist and not dread the thought of having to visit them when you need to.

To hire the right dentist for you, the following factors will be important for you to consider.

1. Accessibility and convenience

The dentist that you choose should be located close to where you live or work. You don’t want to have to travel very far when you get that painful toothache in the middle of the night. If your dentist can be on call for emergencies this would be a good option to have.

The dentist that you choose should preferably have a team of other dentists with other specialties who are also in close proximity.

2. Flexible payment options and or insurance coverage

These days, as with most professional services, dental work can be quite expensive. For this reason, it is important for you to be able to know what your payment options are early enough to avoid any surprises.

If you currently have an insurance cover, ensure that your dentist accepts your cover from your particular insurance company. If you do not have insurance cover, it will be good to find out if your dentist can accept a payment plan and how you will be required to pay for the dental services.

3. What are your dentist’s specialties?

If you have children or you have an existing dental condition that requires specialized attention, then your dentist should be able to take care of your needs. It is good to note that not all dentists are the same. A prosthetic dentist, for example, may not be as comfortable working on an infant as a pediatric dentist would.

4. Good Rapport

As you are vetting several dentists, it is very important to choose and hire a dentist with whom you have a good rapport. Your dentist should not only have proficiency and competence, but also a good attitude towards you.

He/she should respect you enough to converse with you and explain to you clearly what you need to know about your oral health in a kind, polite and non-intimidating manner. You should not be embarrassed or feel that there is any question that you cannot ask your dentist concerning your oral health.

It is also important that the other employees at the dentists practice have professionalism and a good and helpful attitude.

Once you have carefully considered the factors above, you may also find some help by;

• Asking your friends, neighbors or your local pharmacist,
• Get a referral from your current dentist,
• Look into local magazines, newspapers or go to the internet and search for a dentist near you like
• Call and visit a few dentists and get a feel of who they are, and if you feel that they would be a good match for you before you decide to hire the right dentist for you.

About the Author

Jack Dawson is an accomplished medical professional with extensive experience in the field of dentistry. He has for the last 10 years contributed to shaping individuals’ lives by changing the smiles of many individuals. When he is not busy at his practice, he writes about his experiences and about useful dental tips. Visit his website DDS Connections to read about this and more topics.