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How to Hire the Right Freelance Software Developer for Your Business

In an era, which is run on computer programs and software applications hiring the right freelance software developer is the crucial first step to a successful project endeavor. Hire the right developer and you can be sure of all your project essentials being taken care of and deadlines being met at a price that will not hit your pocket. Hire a wrong one and you end up finding yourself in a complete mess at a bargain, which may even cost you a fortune without any desired results. Freelancers if chosen wisely can be real assets to your company and a definite cost-effective way to lead your business to heights of success. Here are some tips to help you hire the right freelance software developer for android and other applications.

Search through Reliable Resources: There is no dearth of websites, which enlist reliable freelancers after they are considerably verified of their identity and work. Using such sites you can come across millions of freelancers and shortlist a few who you feel would be apt for your project. You could also dig into referrals through family and acquaintances who have hired such professionals for reliable freelance software developers.

Get References: If you have been approached by freelancers be sure to get back to their profile, ask for references and directly get in touch with the companies they had proffered their services to before. Also find out about the performance of the candidate, i.e, whether they worked with dedication and if all deadlines were adhered to when (s)he performed on projects that are similar to the one you are hiring for.

Put up a Solid Interview Process: Once your list of potential freelancers comes down to 4 or 5 create a questionnaire for the interview process which will bring out his expertise in specific areas concerning your project. This is crucial since for most of the time you will be conducting interviews over phone or through video conferencing in Skype. The questions should be open-ended and should be specific in nature. Try delving deep into the expertise of the candidates to gauge his or her credentials pertaining to the particular project. Ask about the choice of Content-Management Software he is likely to use and how he would plan to use as a platform for maximizing your business website potential.

Set up a Mock Project: The candidates resumes might be alluring but how do you judge the real talents? This can only be done on solid grounds if you assign a test project or mock project which can be fun yet revealing about the innate talents of the candidates. Contemplate on an assignment which can be completed within 1 or 2 days. In addition to determining the levels of efficiency the assignment should also bring out the candidate’s capacity to complete tasks within deadline, communication skills, tools required for your project, availability at the given point of time and others.

Get Your Goals Right: Without clearly stated goals and deadlines, you cannot expect any person to work with confidence and efficiency. Explain the various requirements and the necessary time frame before proceeding to hire a freelance software developer for android.

Finally, choose for bids and arrive at an amount that is neither too low nor too high. Remember if you contemplate on a very stringent budget you may not get work according to what is required to ensure maximum benefit of your company.

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