How to Hit the Fairway Under Pressure

Reasons why you have to hit the Fairway

Do you know this situation? You have to hit the Fairway. There are various reasons for this. Many Amateurs are that nervous to hit their first Tee shot that they are not able to even drink some water. You can face a hazard on the left or on the right side of the fairway. You need to win the next hole to stay alive in a Match Play or you are able to score the best round of the tournament or even in your life. You see there are many reasons for being under pressure to hit the Fairway. The best one would be to hit the fairway from the Tee boxes every time. Golf could be much easier this way. We all know this will not happen. Even the best players in the world do not hit more than 12 out of 14 Fairways per round.

Pressure and your mind

The biggest problem is the mind. If the mind faces a situation where pressure comes up the mind wants to do everything at its best. It wants to get everything under control by thinking of someone’s advice as the first step. Why is it doing so? The mind is looking for safety, something to rely on. For example it is thinking about the latest tip you have read somewhere. But, that is not the moment to try the latest ideas from your Pro, your wife, your buddy or out of any magazine.

Do it the easy way

Do it this way: If you are a slicer. Aim to the left and curve it to the right. If you are a player who tends to hook the ball, aim to the right and curve it to the left. If you hit it straight, take dead aim. Trust your swing. It sounds easy. In reality it is not. But if you try to do so it will get much easier.

„my5rules“ for hitting the Fairway under pressure

1. You do not need to use your Driver. Instead, use your Hybrid.
2. Trust your normal Ball flight (Slice or Hook).
3. Concentrate on your practice swing.
4. Swing at a 75 % tempo.
5. Trust your swing.

If you follow this advice you will surely have many better drives off the tee and you will play better Golf and finally have more fun on the course. This is what it is all about. Have fun. It is your leisure-time activity! Spend your time for relaxation and not as something totally frustrating.