How to Hold a Legal Raffle in California

If you are hoping to raise some money and want to know how to hold a legal raffle in California, there are some very simple rules that you must follow. It won’t take long and won’t cost you much, but there is a little bit of paperwork involved.

In California a legal raffle is one that gives 90% or more of the amount raised in the raffle away to a cause or charity. Only certain declared private nonprofit organizations or other charities are allowed to conduct raffles legally in California.

To hold a legal raffle in California, you must register by submitting registration with the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts before you go ahead with your raffle. You need to register at least 60 days before your planned event to get approval in time. You will also have to pay a small fee to process your request.

The California raffle registration period is from September 1st through August 31st each year.

There is good news for organizations that hold frequent raffles. Once you register with the state the long way you can reapply quickly online to renew year after year.

In addition to the registration form, there are reports that you must file to provide information on how much was made on the raffle which are submitted back to the state. Information that must be entered on this form includes things like the total money taken in, and administrative expenses, and the recipient who benefited from the raffle proceeds.

Raffles are a great way for people to raise money for a good cause or charity. Raffles are a lot of fun to setup and run and they are simple enough that anyone can run a raffle with minimal expenses. All that is really needed are some sort of prize pool and some tickets which you can easily find and an office store or big box store.

If you want to hold a raffle, you can do it. File the proper paperwork and disclosure reports and enjoy the raffle legally. For more information, check out the California Attorney General’s website. Now that you know how to hold a legal raffle in California you can get started today.