How to Housetrain your Askal Puppy to Pee and Poop

To housetrain your askal puppy to pee or poop in the right place is sometimes a challenge for dog owners. This is because once puppies peed somewhere else inside the house, it is difficult to break the habit but this should not be a problem if you follow these training strategies.

Potty training a puppy inside the house

1. Place any absorbent cloth or pad in the house where you like your puppy to pee. It would be best to put some pee scent for him to smell and will soon learn what the pad is for. For cheaper alternative, you may use some newspapers. However, this might not be effective for notorious puppies that may destroy the papers instead. Other puppies might even understand that any paper may serve the same purpose and they will pee anywhere they see papers.

2. If you observe that your puppy feels like he is going to pee, show him the pad or cloth and encourage him to do his thing there. Better yet use a word associated with pee or poop. Do this every time he pee or poop until he correlates the term with the action. If the puppy has a hard time to be understanding directions, pick him up and put him on the pad. In time, the pup may learn just the same. This should be done regularly until he understands the idea of the pad where he pees or poops.

3. Askal puppy is just like any pedigree that follows instructions easily. They could understand simple words associated with potty training. You can tell him “go pee in your pad” and at the same time show him the pad until he relates the commanding phrase with pee on the pad.
If you have difficulty to house train your askal puppy to pee and poop inside the house, then it is time to go outside.

Potty training a puppy outside the house

1. Establish potty training time and follow strictly until your dog knows by instinct the right time to go out to pee or poop. For example, you do it every 30 minutes or so to go out and encourage you pup to pee outside. You can also use phrase such as go pee outside.

2. As long as the puppy follows your instruction either inside or outside, give him a reward or praise him. This may signal that where he peed or pooped was the right place. With this, it would be easier for the dog to stick to the potty routine and you may find out too how easy house train your askal puppy to pee and poop.