How to Improve Balance for Skateboarding Tips

Tips on How to Improve Balance for Skateboarding

Do you need some tips on how to improve balance for skateboarding? As you know, skateboarding is a sport that requires various skills; one in particular is balancing. This skill is not 100% innate; consistency in training is imperative in order to enhance it. With that being said, you can improve your balancing skills by incorporating some balancing activities in your daily routine aside from skateboarding practices. That is the purpose of this article, to give you an idea on how you can integrate balancing activities in your daily routine to improve your balancing skills for skateboarding.

Fitness exercises to improve balance

There are numerous exercises that improve one’s balance skills. One that is highly recommended is yoga. This fitness activity is widely recognized for its stretching and balancing maneuvers which is highly needed for skateboarding. Through this, you will involuntarily enhance your balancing skills. The half moon pose in yoga for example can be done to build muscle strength and balance needed for skateboarding.

Yoga is not the only fitness activity you can do to improve balance. Keep in mind that in order for you to effectively balance your body while skateboarding, a strong lower body is needed. Thus, it is also advisable to do some endurance exercise that improves your leg’s strength. Some exercises you can do are seated leg press, barbell calf raises and weighted sit ups. Other activities that focus on your hips and posture are also advisable. You can also practice standing in one foot for a few minutes in a daily basis to strengthen your legs while balancing your body.

Activities that promotes balancing while moving

Once you’ve learned to balance yourself on a flat ground, it is time to move on the moving part. Balancing yourself on a skateboard while moving is not as easy as you think. This is now the part where you will notice the benefits of strengthening your lower extremities, hip movements and posture.

The use of balancing boards also known as wobble board is the best way to start this enhancing activity. Balance boards are designed as lever just like a seesaw. The ultimate goal here is to avoid the board’s edges to touch the ground while you’re standing on top of it. Through this you will be able to enhance your balancing skills without a flat ground as support.

Once you feel comfortable balancing yourself, the next step is to practice on a skateboard regularly. Some basic drills you should master are t-stops, toe rolls, poop trench and over-carving. As they say practice makes perfect. By practicing regularly starting from a flat ground going on to ramps and railings your balancing skills would be enhanced without you knowing it.


As a general tip, keep in mind that fighting gravity is the core in balancing. Thus, you should have a physically fit body to control your movements. Balancing involves centralizing your weight into a certain part of your body such as your right or left leg. Your hips on the other hand are the ones responsible for the shifting of weight from one place to another. Strengthening all these body parts through various endurance exercises is the most important tip on how to improve balance for skateboarding.