How to improve hand writing

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Simple steps to improve your hand writing

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Handwriting is the tool to make a positive or negative impression upon the readers. It is a kind of art that often reveals certain features of your character. The way you represent your writing is relevant to express the reflection of your personality. So it is essential at every stage of your life to improve your handwriting for a better communication and casting a lasting effect on the people’s mind.

Tips to improve your hand writing

Start practicing with writing your name. Good handwriting becomes easier when you proceed with your pen or pencil in the right way. Depending on the base of your thumb hold the pencil with index and middle finger and do not allow giving pressure to your fingers.

The most helpful way is to use lined paper. These lines make you write straight and maintain the accuracy in proportion and size of the letters that means the size of one letter being proportionate to the other. The space of the lines should be filled up. The capital letters should extend from the top to bottom of the lines.Remember that most of the small letters should be half of its capital forms. If you are writing in a paper that don’t have lines make the use of a ruler to draw lines.

The free flow of ink allows you to write smoothly and comfortably. Get a good grip of the pen which is at the same time lighter yet gives you support. Relax your hand. The fingers you use should give you proper balance.

Take a right position and sit straight. Rest your wrist and hand softly on the surface of the writing place. Try to use as much space as possible to write at ease.You need to move your arm while writing to make a swift flow of the script and that is why you should clear up the place of writing. In case you have problems in writing in the next line that is much lower you should move up the page and not your hand or fingers.

The fluid writing depends on your shoulder and forearm rather than your finger and wrist.The shoulder gives you the right movement and fingers or wrist helps you to be guided by them as they hold your command over the pen. The shoulder’s muscle actually rotates your arm and raises it whenever needed. These muscles contribute in maintaining an efficient style.

Once you have got a good grip and make your shoulder work you should try to start writing on a blackboard or whiteboard. Do not get close to it and try to write from a distance. The muscles which really make your hands move is of arm, chest and shoulder. Keep your fingers steady and try smaller letters on the air.

It is time to slow down if you make continuous mistakes or have to erase a lot. Learn to control your writing and where to stop or start. It makes you concentrate on the process and helps to avoid making mistakes.

Try to avoid keyboards or something like that and instead rely on writing by hand using pen and paper. Do not miss out a chance whenever and wherever you can do with your handwriting because it increases your practice and your confidence. If you do not find what to write or get confused about the material of writing take the help of some inspirational quotes to practice on. You can maintain a journal to follow or use some opportunities like when you are at the middle of a boring presentation or meeting. Save some time everyday for practice handwriting to make a quicker improvement.

Try out different styles and forms of letters and experiment with different types of pens and instruments for further improving of hand writing.

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