How to Improve How You Feel

How to improve how you feel starts by understanding that clutter has its own kind of energy. It is a stagnating energy that slowly yet effectively slips in and begins working against positive moving energy. Once, clutter has a toehold it will slowly spread, taking over everything in its path if left unattended.

Clutter has an icky, thick and hard pressing atmosphere it reeks of a slothful temperament. Its energy can influence in such ways as to cause you to feel stress, anxiety, depression, and yes-even laziness. In addition, of course, everyone is different; therefore, the way they perceive it and react to it will vary accordingly.

Some of the Things You will Need To Do Include:

1 Choose an area of your home or property that needs to be decluttered and then work in that area until you have all the clutter removed from that particular area. Most often it is best to choose an area where you spend a lot of your time or in those areas where you may have company. It really does not matter which room you choose to begin decluttering, as long as you make a choice and then spend your time getting rid of all the clutter in that particular area.

2 Work to declutter one room at a time until completed, the point is to get to work getting rid of the clutter that may be taking over your life and home causing you to feel ill with headaches, anxiety, depression and so on. Clutter really does have a powerful influence on you, your home, your family and anyone who may choose to come visit.



3 Work while going through or decluttering everything. With your garbage bags and empty boxes in hand, you should go through every thing that is in the room. While you are doing this, you will be making decisions as to what is good and useful that you will keep and those things that should either be thrown away or given away.

4 Use your time wisely. Remember all that clutter didn’t just jump in any room or area overnight, while you were peacefully sleeping in your comfortable bed. Clutter begins slowly and then tends to take over if it is not taken control of by you. Therefore, while decluttering your home or property, just make sure you take your time and pace yourself. If you need a break take the time to rest and then begin again. Working in one room or area at a time will work well and provide you with the satisfaction you seek while decluttering your home or property.

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Things to Remember:

– Set aside a garbage bag for trash to get rid of while decluttering

– Once you are finished decluttering, take out the trash so that it is gone and no longer in your way and making your ill

– Use your empty boxes for those things that may punch holes in your garbage bag

– Use your empty boxes for those things that you wish to give to charity or give away to others

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– Remember many things can be recycled and you should take care of these appropriately in order to do your part to save our environment

– Once you are finished you can sit back and enjoy the view as well as notice the difference in the atmosphere of your home or property