How To Improve Reading Retention: A Guide To Information Absorption

Finding it really hard to remember what you have just read because of preoccupation with many other things or because of too much information? You don’t need to over think about what you can do in such concern because there are ways that you can do to solve your problem on how to improve reading retention.

A Look At Reading

Reading can be a very enjoyable task for booklovers. It is something that can be considered as past time for many without knowing that through it their mind is also enhanced. They will be able to develop their vocabulary and communication skills primarily through reading. But, it must be remembered that you should not generalize the interests of the people. Many are not that much interested in reading as well. The problem when it comes to this is that, the disinterest can lead to the hindrance in absorption and retention of information. How will you be able to improve your reading retention in such situations?

Read It Out Loud

One of the simplest techniques that you can use includes the “read-out-loud’ technique. This can be a very effective technique when it come to having the need to remember what you just read. If you read your books out loud, there is an increased exposure of the information to your brain. You may not be able to realize but with such process you are able to read in two ways: one with the use of your eyes and the other through your mouth. This is equivalent to reading the same book twice at a time. If this is the case, then it will be easy for you to remember what you just read.


One way to improve your reading retention includes highlighting. Highlighting involves the use of colored pens with striking colors to mark significant words, phrases or sentences in your readings. This can be very helpful especially for those with photographic memory. The striking colors can help stimulate your brain to prepare it for accommodation of information no matter how much they can be.


If you don’t have available highlighters or color pens around, one alternative way to help you improve your reading retention is to rewrite the most important details you would possibly highlight from the book. Writing is one of the best way to remember any kind of information. If you are going to write the most important things you have just read, you will be more sure that you won’t have a hard time remembering it because as stated previously, it would be easier to remember information if you expose it to your brain not just once. In this case, you read the information and write it after, as if you had a review after studying for an exam.

These are just some of the techniques that you can use to answer your query on how to improve reading retention. If you will be able to follow these, at some point you will teach or condition your brain to easily take in information.

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