How To Improve Your Memory

A good memory is the key to success not only in one’s professional life, but personal too. Most people are born with an average memory capacity, with some being more proficient at it than others. But with time, many tend to lose their concentration and memory capacities. All is not lost. There are a number of simple ways to improve one’s memory.

Get healthy

The key to a healthy memory is a healthy body. It has been seen that people with healthy habits like no smoking, sleeping properly, getting ample exercise, losing excess weight, tend to be better at retaining their sharp memory. So bring out the treadmills and dumbbells and get the most comfortable pillows for sleep. As for smoking, chew on the anti-nicotine chewing gums available and get rid of the habit.

Get brain-boosting exercises

It’s important to get your brain muscles some exercise. There are plenty such memory boosting exercise idea books available on online sites like Get those and start practicing different ways of powering up your memory. Playing games like Sudoku, crossword, and even chess can help you better your memory power. We bet that after reading this, you’ll know exactly how to improve your memory and make a difference.

Get the right food for the brain

Having nutritional food is a must for a well functioning brain and rich memory. Food rich in antioxidants, omegs-3 fatty acids, and other vitamins are good for better memory function. Make it a point to eat food rich in these nutrients. You can even opt for supplements available in the online market.

Put everything in categories to improve your memory

Suppose you need to memorize something important, like a grocery list because you forgot your phone. You can group all the veggies together, in ABC order while canned foods can have their own section. This will help you remember everything. Or, if it is a recipe you are making – go over the steps you take to make it as they are in order.

Use acronyms

Try relying on acronyms as much as possible. You might not have the time to jot down a word or a full sentence during your busy work day so acronyms will do just fine and they are very easy to remember. Keep using the same acronyms over and over.

Learn a new skill

The more you put your brain at work, the more you can power up your memory. You can learn a new skill like knitting, or pottery. You can even learn a new language. You don’t have to go to classes for them. There a various audio-visual training aids and ebooks available online which can help you learn them easily.

When in doubt, use acrostics to improve your memory

Remember when you were in grade school, sitting in math class? You ever wonder why your teacher repeated the sentence “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally”? Well for one reason- they were trying to get this phrase into your head so you could learn the order of number operations. it simply means Parenthesis Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Adding, Subtracting. See how easy it is?

Improve your memory in 30 days

One of the things that helped me improve my memory was this book I had read. I was skeptical but after reading some of the good reviews, I decided to give it a whirl. A month later, I had memorized all of the name’s of my new clients and even recited Spanish phrases which I could never remember before..