News How to incorporate twitter into you business

How to incorporate twitter into you business


Incorparating social media into your business is not an easy tasks. There are a number of ways that a company can lose ground by providing their employes with the means to use social media. Make sure that you prepare them properly and don’t roll out until you have the adaquate ground work.

1. First your employees need to have their own twitter accounts with usernames that are business appropriate. This may need to be reviewed or even suggested by your marketing department.

2. Their profiles need to be optimized. Hashtags, other social links and important people mentions. Be sure to put the right stuff in each employees profile. It shouldn’t just be some quirky message (though that is important), it should also have purpose; search terms and mentions.

3. They need to be trained in the use of twitter and the techniques. There are tons of ways to use twitter, most good, some bad. Make sure they know how to use twitters capabilities.

4. They need to have an offer. The marketing department needs to prepare some sort of give away or contest that requires action on the part of the potential follower. Make sure your employees have the capabilities.

5. They need to have unique content. Make sure they have good links to tweet.

6. They need to set goals. its not the number of followers, it is the quality of followers. It reminds me of the movie, pursuit of happiness. Will smith was supposed to go up his list from the lowest person to the ceo… He skipped everyone and went straight to the top. The ceo is more important then anyone else. Its the quality of the person who follows that is important.

7. Analytics needs to be tracked. Be sure to have some method in place to track the affectiveness of your employees.

8. They need to be consistent. And engaging. Go get em tiger. If you don’t, they won’t care. I mean who cares really? be sure to make them listen. Engage your customers.

That’s a good starting point. If you were to do these things your employees would have a good foundation of twitter tools to help them succeed.

How to incorporate twitter into you business
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