How to Increase Fuel Efficiency of Your Auto Engine

As the prices of petrol are rising, it has become extremely difficult for the consumers to purchase petrol so it is important to discuss how to increase fuel efficiency of your auto engine. But we can somehow manage to increase fuel efficiency. Fuel efficiency means the efficiency of the vehicle to convert the chemical energy of the petrol or any fuel in the tank, to kinetic energy or in the form of work.

Get Lighter Cars

There are several ways to improve efficiency of petrol, rather than its consumption and this will help you to economize fuel use. First of all, you should lay a strategy for your oncoming trip and try to be very practical and objective. Get the lightest car, as weight is the foremost cause on loss of kinetic energy. If there are extra seats in your car, then take them out. Fuel efficiency can be increase by filing the petrol tank full and by trying to keep your tank at least to one third filled. If your engine’s fuel runs slow, the engine might not receive the constant supply of fuel, which will make you car’s engine very less efficient. Fuel efficiency is greatly reduced if you drive very fast, as the engine has to try much harder to push against the wind. Research says that speed causes a decline of 33% of fuel efficiency.

Plan routes

Engines are most effective with average high air flow and at revolutions per minute up to their power peak. In a manual car, you can practice short shifting or shifting to higher gears and avoiding the intermediate gear, as soon as you reach your desired speed. You can greatly increase the fuel efficiency by carefully laid planning routes. Avoid too much turning and try to prefer highways than city roads. Properly inflated tires can reduce fuel intake by 3%. A properly tuned engine maximizes power and greatly increases fuel efficiency. Also using the cruise control, fuel consumption is greatly lowered by maintaining a constant speed.


Braking causes a lot of energy to lose from the fuel that has already burned, and speeding up after braking. Fuel efficiency is greatly reduced if the air filter is contaminated with dirt, so make sure that you change the air filter according to your manufacture’s recommendation. Mechanics recommend warming up the vehicle by moving it slowly rather than leaving it idle. This is because idling causes a great deal of fuel loss. Air conditioning causes the engine to work hard and causes a high quantity of fuel to be used. When getting oil changed, use synthetic oil addictive and try to park your car in a half spot in a parking area.


If you are really interested in fuel efficiency, then you should join forums and blogs that give you very useful information. Even though, the petrol prices are going skyrocketing, but it is possible for us to take clever steps and save money, as it is in our hands to make fuel efficient. You can always rely on these useful tips, as they are very efficient and easy to use.