How To Increase My Twitter Followers? – A Guide That Will Reveal The Secret Therefore Help You Multiply Your Followers


Increasing your followers is not a big deal; it will become a big deal if you have made it complicated.


How to increase my twitter followers? For most Twitter user, this question is as common as how to lose weight or how to get rich or how to get him/her to date me. That having been said, this is a very important problem for Twitter users and answers must be provided in order for the demand to be met. There are already a lot of tips, advised, and suggestions circulating on the internet as to how you will be able to get the most number of followers for a certain thing that you do. Some of them are correct and are very doable but there are some that have the concept down but are, somewhat, lacking in explanation. Here you will find some of the most helpful tips as to how you can increase your twitter followers.

Follow these effective steps:

The first thing that you should write on your list would be targeting power tweeters and their amazing number of followers. If you find the most sought out, well respected, and well thought of people in your specific industry then you are sure to get a drastic increase in your number of followers to. The reason behind is that you want these power tweeters to make a mental note of your own profile and if you will be able to convince them that your Twitter profile is worth viewing then they will make it a point to do so. If that happens then the people who are following them and the ones who are currently following you will associate you with that power tweeter and thereby increase your follower. If you want to know the best time that a particular tweeter is online then you might want to use applications which will allow you to do things on your Twitter profile.

The second thing would be to utilize the Golden Rule to your advantage. Basically, do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Make a note of all the people you want to follow you. Once you have that done, make a schedule for all of these people that you will follow one of them for every week. That way, the person you are currently following (which is in actuality the person you want to follow your profile) will take notice of you. For the entire week, focus on one person and make yourself available for him/her. Make yourself as useful as you possible can without tarnishing your relationship with that person. Once he/she has taken notice of you then it will be reflected with them eventually being one of your future followers.

Third tip would be to follow other people. Most Twitter users would consider this tip as counterproductive but there is actually some thought into this and has been found out to be a very effective means of increasing your Twitter followers. The thing you need to remember is that when you follow other people they will know that you exist and if they know you exist they will notice you more and more. If that happens then the people you are following will most likely be your followers very soon. It’s basically just a give and take relationship. You help them and they in turn help you. Just make sure that the people you are following are in the same industry as you are so as to maximize the number of relevant followers that you have. There is an application on Twitter that shows you the best people to follow which is related to your category or industry. Also, follow people who have the same interests as you do. They might not be in the same industry as you are but for the purpose of having more followers this is a very effective technique. This will stimulate conversation among you and your followers since you have something to talk about other than your industry

Fourth tip is to make every conceivable way for Twitter users to be aware of your profile. You can paste the link of your profile anywhere that you are able to. If you have a blog that a lot of people read then paste it there. If you have a Facebook, MySpace, or any other social networking tool account then you paste your Twitter link there. You can even push it further if you’re a Facebook user because there is a tool that allows you to sync your Facebook status with your tweets. Just make sure that people see your profile as much as possible. The more they see it the more they’ll get curious as to what you have to offer them. You can even ask you friends to have a link of your Twitter profile posted on their walls as well.

Fifth tip would actually be a good Twitter user by interactive as much as possible with your followers. What you are basically doing is utilizing the social networking site for its intended purpose which is to socialize. You shouldn’t limit yourself with just statuses because that alone won’t do the work for you just like doing just one thing to increase your Twitter followers will do the entirety of the work for you. You pitch in yourself. Talk to your followers. Make them believe that your there to actually socialize and not just increase the people following you. Doing this will not only ensure that your current followers will stay but will also give room for recommendations to other people which is basically the point of what you are trying to do.

And lastly, and probably the most powerful strategy to increase your Twitter followers is to get your followers to practice the art of re-tweeting. Re-tweeting is basically getting your Tweet and recommending that same Tweet to their own followers. This will ultimately result in people going back to your profile to check out the person who initiated the tweet.

So there you have it. All of those tips will ensure that you will never again ask yourself “how to increase my twitter followers”.