How to Increase My Twitter Followers?

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Tip and Tools on How to Increase My Twitter Followers

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A frequently asked question today is how to increase my Twitter followers. This question is sought by various individuals. Some of them are artists who want to share the world their talents. Some may be a media company who seeks to increase their ratings. Businessmen also utilized Twitter to forward updates and to attract consumers. But, whether you use it for whatever purposes, it all comes down to the number of followers. Without your avid followers or subscribers, you won’t be able to build a huge social network. With that, here are some tips and tools that would help you achieve hundreds or thousands of Twitter followers.

Buy your Twitter followers

Did you know that for $50 you can gain as high as 10,000 Twitter followers? This is of course, if you choose a reliable company. One highly recommended company that specializes in this type of service is You can have thousands of followers within 10 hours. It’s fast, reliable and efficient.

The problem with this is that you are not guaranteed that these followers belong to the same niche. If you’re doing this for your business, it is not a guarantee that re-twitting and other types of interaction may occur. Furthermore, not all individuals are capable of spending $50. Nonetheless, if you’re asking how to increase my Twitter followers within hours, this would be your best option to take.

Use #hashtags

The use of hastags follows the same principle of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What does this mean? Basically, search engines have a distinct way of categorizing and ranking websites’ contents. In SEO, the use of keywords allows the browser to rank your site accordingly. It may either be on the top spot or to the last spot depending on one presents its contents.

Going back to hashtags, by placing # before a relevant word or topic you are posting, web browsers would be able to recognize it. Thus, if someone searched for that specific word then your Twitter account will appear.


Another option you can take is through software. These programs that use Twitter API can be easily searched. You can choose from different software all over the internet. However, this is strongly prohibited by Twitter if used improperly. Your account may be suspended if you use it aggressively. You have to check and experiment first before doing it in your main account.

Manually adding followers

Following relevant people have its perks. One in particular is increasing your Twitter followers. Basically, some people tend to follow accounts that are linked to the same niche or interest as the ones they are subscribed in. If you follow major companies or well known celebrities, people may find you interesting and follow your posts as well. Just remember to keep your posts relevant and fascinating to attract followers.

Another manual option you can take is by visiting forums. In this topic alone, dozens of forums are available. You will be able to meet other people that wanted to expand their followers as well. Posting your Twitter account there would actually cause a win-win situation for everyone participating in the forum. With that, the question, how to increase my Twitter followers is answered thoroughly and completely.

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