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How To Increase Pagerank

For those of you that don’t know what page rank is, it is a numeric value that reflects the importance of that page on the web. Page rank is calculated by gathering all of the inbound links. To improve page rank, you will need many incoming links to your page. Increasing page rank may seem like a slow task at hand, however – it is important that you know SEO somewhat to even make a dent. Only a few people truly understand Google’s algorithm, so don’t be alarmed if you have a page rank of 0. Try following these steps to increase page rank and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Things you will need

  • Understanding of SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Patience

Write original content

After all, who wants to see the two same articles on page one of Google? If you look through your competition, offer something that they don’t. Add extra information that they may have forgotten to put in. Some users may link to your website just because your article is a little more informative then the one above you on Google rank #3. Try putting up pictures, tips, tricks, etc. Eventually people will appreciate your tutorials or whatever content you may have and start linking to you. Remember that getting links is your main goal when attempting to improve page rank.

Add quality pictures

Two main points of adding pictures is that, some people are far visually inclined and will prefer a picture as well. You can even edit the pics so they are SEO friendly. For example, you have pictures of a yoga position. For those looking for new exercise positions, type in the exact name of that position. This is much better than naming your pic ‘12393.jpg’. Most often, when looking for new yoga positions, people will most often type in ‘Yoga position’, etc.

Guest Blogging

Search for other sites on the Internet that are related to your niche or topic. You’ll want to find a website with a high page rank. By getting your link on popular websites – it will dramatically increase page rank. Don’t go spamming other people’s blogs, but take a more relaxed approach by e-mailing website owners and asking if you can guest blog. By doing this, you are both gaining something. The website owner is gaining free content from you, and you are also getting a back link by placing your article link.

Link gradually

While linking is important, don’t go crazy. Link exchange websites should be avoided at all cost. Google will most likely notice this and points for your website will be downgraded, thus reducing your page rank as well. It is always quality over quantity.

Get doFollow links with high Pagerank

I guess you are wondering how page rank moves up and how many links it takes to do this. When you are starting out, it can be a base 10 scale – which will take 10 linked pages to move the site’s page up at least one toolbar point. Remember that the highest page rank that is available is 10. So, if you are moving to PR 2 you’ll need 100 new pages to move up, then 1000 new pages. To increase page rank, you’ll want to keep adding new content to your articles and people are more likely to link to it without you even promoting.

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