How to increase productivity at office

Regardless of how good your business plan is, how capable your staff is and how favorable the business conditions are, your productivity mostly depends on one thing: organization. Proper organization can make your business blossom even in the most difficult of situations while the lack of it may cause some serious setbacks. Here are some organizational tips and ideas that we hope can help increase the productivity in your office.

Boost your productivity

Create a distraction-free office

The ancient Chinese believed that there is a connection between living beings and inanimate objects and that these objects can have a significant influence on one’s psyche. It was this eons old idea that gave birth to the modern office ergonomics. It is therefore your first goal to create a distraction free workplace. Spot all the visual stimuli you believe you could do without and remove them as soon as possible. For example if you work on your computer, try to turn off all the applications that you don’t need for work. Cheat yourself and others in having nothing to do but work and the results just might astound you.

Make a friendly environment

First of all, before this title gets misinterpreted, making a friendly environment does not mean that you should be the best pal with every one of your employees. You still want to maintain the aura of authority in the office. However, what you do not want is people to be afraid of you or of admitting that there is a problem. Make sure that everyone knows that you are there as their safety net, a problem solver and that they should never hesitate to report to you anything that troubles them.

Facilitate the experience transfer

Although it is true that the experience is often the best teacher, this kind of education may be too hard and too pricey for many. This is why you should try to facilitate the experience transfer from some of your veterans to your prodigal new employees. Planning ahead and sending some of your best men and women on a coaching training might bring a great long term results. Investing in the expertise of your employees is perhaps the smartest investment in the future of your business. Another great idea might be to enroll on this course yourself. Nothing beats the notion of self-improvement.

Avoid the routine

There is nothing that can kill your will for work quicker than falling into a routine. This is why, you should constantly shift your patterns of doing business and help others do so as well. There are many ways to break the routine at office some of them being setting new challenges and encouraging teamwork. By working with others, you are bound to make both your and their jobs less dull. Also constantly competing not with other people but with yourself, and your own goals and achievements, you are bound to reach greatness.

As great Gandhi once said be the change you want to see in the world. There is no better way to lead your staff than by example. Demonstrate the values you believe they could benefit from and show them how these things help you in being more productive. Once they are face-to-face with results, they simply won’t be able to ignore them anymore and your business will blossom in return.