How to increase your earnings at hubpages – 50$ per day

Many of you may be aware of the great revenue sharing site. Members claimed that their earnings decreased a lot after the panda effect. Hubpages generated a solution for that and created sub domains for each and every user with their username. Because of this the high quality hubs are placed in the first page of Google and many of them are now the cached versions of Google.

I have been searching for many things before writing my answers at webanswers or writing articles here at seekyt. Then the maximum results that i found are of hubpages. Do not laugh. This might become true. It may be the next wikipedia.

Here is a simple tactic that I want to share with you. By following this, you can easily earn 50$ per a day. I think many of you know about its new inventory called ‘hubpages ad program’. It pays the members for the impressions. So, each and every unique view to your hub counts. This is an approximation and not the exact stats. Please do not make fun of the article after reading it.

As per the claims, the impression ad program pays 3-4$ for 1000 views on an average. This is of course going down some times. There are times when i decreases to less than a dollar but when you combine both ad program and adsnse then you can easily achieve the desired results.

Let us assume that you have 1000 hubs. Think that hubpages ad program is applied to all of these. If you have written high quality content taking some SEO factors in your mind, then you easily get 10000+ impressions for which you make 40$+ approximately.

If you wish to do the same, then here is a plan to complete 1000 hubs in less than an year.

There are 365 days in a year( of course +1) in a leap year. If you write 3 articles per day then you easily complete more than 1000 articles. A one year plan of action makes you a stable income of 40$ per dayresulting in 1200$ per month.

Do not get confused with that 40$ per day. Apply both (adsense+ad program). This brings you the desired results.

You can also bookmark the article and shre them for earning adsense money. You can check the article link here in order to know about that.

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